Secret Ops Ship Catalogue

Very interesting - a really great find! I think there's something curious going on here, though. While the update claims both unidentified images are the original design of the Midway, it's clear that the wireframe (middle, 2nd row) and the fuzzy "callisto.iff" render (1st row) depict two different designs. And the filename for the one in the top row is "ccruiser.png". Given that last bit, I'd say that fuzzy render, which is indeed the same design as callisto.iff, is a cruiser.
So we know it's a Confed Cruiser now?
So we know it's a Confed Cruiser now?
Well, we have good cause to believe it was originally intended as a cruiser. We cannot assume anything for certain, simply because this ship was never used. In the (exceedingly unlikely) event that the design ever appears in a canon source, it could be anything.

Certainly, though, if I were to use it in a fan project (and of course, for that, it would probably need to be remodelled extensively, since it's not component-based), I'd consider using it as a cruiser. Actually, I'd probably make it a frigate in the end, since there already is plenty of Confed cruisers in this timeframe, but that's just me.
Noticing some references to Shoklar fighters in some of the losing track Standoff missions; didn't see them in the Standoff ship viewer. Should they be in there?
Shoklars are in the game, yes - they're not present in the ship viewer at the moment, I think.
I can't believe how old this thread is. I remember it like it was yesterday.

I felt this didn't have a place in any of the other WCP/SO threads going on right now, but I did a thing that was talked about in this thread; the Stellar Accretion Device using the unused models.
shot0000.PNG shot0001.PNG
I have the models you see in-game in the background without the stargate. I actually don't know which one I like more.
I can't believe how old this thread is. I remember it like it was yesterday.
That makes one of us. When I saw this thread today, my reaction was - "Whaa? I did that? I had time to work on WC stuff in 2011?" :) Totally no recall whatsoever.