Secret Missions 1 Replay Week 3


Frog Blast the Vent Core!
Hey guys, so ugh. I'm going to post my 2nd part of last week's today. Had a bit of craziness this week but it's been resolved now. This is the last week of SM1 and it's essentially a "short week" with only 4 missions to complete.

Hunt down the Sivar and make it pay!
I need to finish week 2 and 3. Been having problems with the effect my computer chair has on my backside, it makes playing a little painful. Think I have the problem sorted out and will be back on the ball this week.
Don't worry, even though we are only doing a handful of missions a week I expected people's schedules to affect their postings. I mean look at me, I'm the guy organizing the thing and even I'm falling behind every now and then. Don't worry about it and catch up when you can.

Also, people not participating please feel free to comment! Just because you aren't playing doesn't mean you can't jump in.
Let's get to this!

Bar's closed! Even Paladin is back on the flight line? And where is Shotglass going? Hopefully finally taking a shift off.

Valgard 1

So we've got some good news and some bad news. Sivar is low on fuel (you'd think since we've destroyed quite a sizable fleet!) and he's nearby. But we've got to find him. Iceman is on my wing so I know it's going to get heavy out there. That's probably the understatement of the century as well.

Nav 1 has 4 Krants and Lumbari. Sorry Sivar that tanker isn't going to be topping off your tanks! The Krants are no problem when Iceman is on your wing. Thank god for that.

Nav 2 isn't much better. 4 Jalthi and a Dorkir. As long as you stick to the tried and true methods for this it shouldn't be much of an issue. However....

Nav 3 What the HELL! 4 Krants and 2 count'em 2 Fralthi! You've got to take the Krants out ASAP, but we don't get off that easy! Oh no! They are followed by 2 Gratha who are then followed by 2 more Gratha and 2 Jalthi. My Rapier isn't exactly in the best shape, yeah you could say that. I'm not sure what isn't damaged, smoking, on fire, venting atmosphere, etc. After fighting for my life, it's finally time to nail these damn Fralthi. I make sure Iceman and I are attacking the same one so that we can save some missiles, because you know in SM1 there's always something else.

This is one of the toughest nav points I have to say and of course I've got to head back through Nav 1 to get to the Claw without hitting the minefields...

Where of course there are 3 Gratha and a Ralari awaiting my arrival. I rely heavily on Iceman here since my Rapier is falling apart. Good thing he's on my wing now instead of someone of lesser ability. After a good fight it's finally time to retire to the Claw. I better get a damn medal for this one!

Hit the showers?!?! Take it easy for a while!?!?! Are you kidding me?! There was 25 enemies in the last mission and Halcyon tells me to take it easy? AHAHH! Some grateful Confederation.

Ok what the hell happened in the course of a mission? The Claw has gone back to shit somehow. What the hell is wrong with everyone!?! Fighting each other?! I just fought two damn Fralthi! Why is everyone so freaked about about being behind enemy lines? We are on the verge on nailing the Sivar and they are panicking like a virgin at the prom.

I was injured? Rumors? Has this ship lost control of order? I don't understand why after coming out of the whole everyone is right back in it. Ok, so we don't find the Sivar on the last mission, relax we will.

Ugh Spirit. You're going to on and on about Philip for a decade and it's kind of getting old already.

Valgard 2

This is just an odd thing to say..."Listen closely, pilots, because we don’t have much time. Our success against the supply depot has left a large number of Kilrathi fighters without a home base. Tactical says those ships are heading here. They’ll be very low on fuel, they may try to take the Tiger’s Claw intact."

Intact? Yeah ok. Just show me to my ship. This mission is just a simple Defend the Claw. 4 Waves. 4 Krants, 3 Jalthi, 3 Gratha and 3 Krants. The only wave that scared me was the Jalthi. They can put a lot of damage on the Claw very quickly, but if you can taunt or force them away things should go smoothly.

Well at least I got a Bronze Star...

Ok so now Shotglass is sort of back to normal. Is the whole crew bi-polar?

Knight is the first to actually have a halfway decent point about being behind enemy lines. We need resupply as much as the Sivar does. And he's back on my wing....he's no Iceman.

Always save your missiles.

Vigrid 1

We've found the bastard! But of course the Kats have other ideas and send a strike at the Claw. Luckily, we have to fly out to nav 1 to intercept the strike so the Claw isn't in direct danger at first.

Nav 1 is 2 waves. First one is 2 Jalthi and a Ralari followed by 4 Krants. Quite the strike package. SOP works just fine here. No need for anything fancy.

Then it's back to the Claw for the Gratha party! 3 waves. 4 Gratha in the first and 3 in the other two. This is quite the fight. You've got to use your missiles well here in order to make sure the Claw doesn't rack up damage. Taunting is key here to lure the Gratha away, as well as being a good shot. The Claw's a little worse for the wear but she'll hold up.

Halcyon is a little snide in his debriefing. Of course I killed the Ralari. You kidding me?

And everyone is back on the up! This whole crew is bi-polar I'm telling you all! Then again this is it. Time to nail the Sivar!

Heh. Bossman ain't kidding. Everyone here is a lunatic!

Ahh stoned Maniac. You retard. Thanks for being Capt. Obvious.

Vigrid 2

This is it. Halcyon gives everyone a little pep talk. The one concerning us is actually interesting.

"Halcyon: Maverick, no astrobatics, nothing fancy. Do the job and get out of there alive.
Maverick: Aye, aye, sir.
Maverick considers what the Commander said. He was saying goodbye to the pilots… just in case."

So he thinks we fly a bit fancy eh? You ain't see nothing yet! Let's DO THIS!

Nav 1 is the remaining support fleet. 2 waves of 2 Krants and a Ralari. I might go back later and count the number of capships we've destroyed in this campaign. The Sivar's fleet was certainly formidable and would have been a match for a full-sized Confed Task Group.

Nav 2 is the party destination! This is not easy. 3 waves. 6 Krants, 5 Jalthi and 6 Gratha along with the big bastard. This fight requires fancy flying to stay alive as well as use of Bossman. Every now and then I throw a few rounds at the Sivar just to let him now that's he's the target. After what seems like an enternity it's finally time to take the Sivar on. I've saved my missles and unload them once his shields go down. As fast as they lock I'm firing them off. He takes a beating but the explosion is very satisfying. Truly a victory for the Confederation. The bi-polar crew better be happy.

A Gold Star is a very fitting reward, even though I think a deserved a Silver Star for Valgard 1. Ah well.

The death of Grand Admiral Gilkarg. A more fitting reward for nailing the Sivar. Another one of the few insights into Kilrathi culture we see during the original game. Time for the rise of Crown Prince Thrakhath. But before that we've got a little celebrating to do and a transfer to a quiet sector. A little system called Firekka. They've got a native bird-like population that wants to join the Confederation. Sounds like a cakewalk to me....haha.

Well it was a fun 3 weeks guys! SM1 is really a fantastic addon. The amount of capship killing is great! And the story adds nicely to the base laid in WC1. It only gets better from here!

Next week starts Secret Missions 2: Crusade. Where the hell of escorting Draymans is brought to a new level. SM2 will actually work just like SM1. 3 weeks, 6 missions the first 2 and 4 the last one. So all of the WC2 fans that are itching to get involved, take heed only 3 more weeks.
Oh, sweet irony. I post about everyone keeping up and then get a heavy week with little progress. Never mind, it's the weekend now so I've got time.

I'm going to call this Valgard 1 to keep things simple.

Not much to say here. The bar's closed, something big's coming up.

Yep, definitely something big. Two Transports, a Ralari and two Fralthi. And no fighters worse than a Krant around. For all that opposition, though, the mission was fairly easy. The Krant lacks the power to punch through the Rapier's shields and Gratha and Jalthis are just too slow to be a threat. It's a good thing I avoided the mines, though, I'd hate to think what would happen if that Ralari got close to the 'Claw. I don't think Halcyon wants to think about it either, since he didn't mention it at the debriefing.

Valgard 2:

The crew are rattled by the Claw taking on a major Fleet all by itself. I can't really say I blame them, either. Sure, we've had some astounding successes but they've come through luck rather than good planning. Look at the Fralthi I blundered into last mission. Spirit's talk is making me remember the saddest moment in WC2.

And this mission is probably why they're rattled. I think I lost count of the amount time I spent furiously pouring fire into a ship making a run on the 'Claw. We did good, though, besides the initial Krant run and a run by a single Jalthi the Claw's shields somehow stayed up during the battle. For my efforts I get me a Bronze Star.

Vigrid 1:

Shotglass and Iceman and gunning for the kill. Again I'm reminded to use missiles against cap ships. I wonder if it's a running joke? I'm going to be teamed with Knight from now on, I hope he's lost the suicidal tendencies he had during WC1.

*sigh* Nope. He got so hyped blowing away that first retreating Jalthi that he went head on with the second. I bail him out and send him out. Iceman's going to have to have a serious chat with him someday. The Tiger's Claw Nav was a never-ending stream of Gratha. At least, until I ended it.

Vigrid 2:

Shotglas is itching for a kill. Maniac in between moments of insanity again advises me to use missiles, following with the suggestion of turning myself into a missile. Thanks, Maniac, but I'll pass. Bossman at least seems normal, can't wait to get home to his family.

This mission contained 100% of Knight's daily recommended intake of Krant by the time we reached the Sivar. I had to send him home. Which is good, because I don't think I could save him from charging 6 Jalthi. After a very hairy dogfight, I cleared the fighter cover. I noticed that you only had three fighters after you at a time, the other three stuck by the Sivar if you were far enough away. Once the last Gratha was cleared it was time to destroy the Sivar. I only had two dumbfires left, but between them and my guns the behemoth went down. I set course for the Tiger's Claw for a cool beer and a Gold Star but instead found that the Kilrathi thought my diet was suffering from a Krant deficiency. The Claw was completely red by the time I requested landing clearance, but everyone returned home safely.

Except for my acceleration absorbers, which are floating somewhere in the Sivar's debris field.

Time for SM2!
I have to say that SM1 was really great fun to replay. I'd forgotten how many capships we go up against, but man this own campaign must have surely put a dent into the Kilrathi order of battle.
I couldn't help but remember the last mission of SO1 when I hit the two Fralthi. Fortunately, it wasn't quite as hard as that mission. I think it's the first time I've encountered multiple cap-ships at a single Nav point that weren't transports.
Woohoo! I've finished Secret Operations 1! Two most hardcore missions were: Nailing the supply depot (flying scimitar) and the final mission. I didn't try to nail all the fighters, I cleaned most of the Krants in the "sivar' mission and than killed the dreadnought itself, last krant escaped so I returnded home..

Now.. Firekka system, I can't wait to fly Dralthi!