Sealed Ultimas for sale on eBay

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Sadly, I'm in the process of liquidating my collection on eBay. A few of the nicer items that I will be putting up for sale are a brand new, factory-sealed copy of Ultima Online, Charter Edition, as well as a brand new, factory-sealed copy of Ultima IX: Ascension, Dragon Edition. Other items of note are a complete copy of the remake of Ultima I for the Apple from the late eighties, in perfect mint condition, as well as sealed copies of the Clue Books for Ultima VI, VII and The Savage Empire. If you're interested, please have a look at what I've put up so far, or if you'd like to work out a deal, feel free to E-mail me:

I doubt it too.
Considering he seems to be advertising it to the Origin Museum, who I think should be notified of opportunities to buy rare origin materials.