Screenshots Release Thread

Moonsword said:
This is assuming they're using FS2_Open (which they should be) so yes, HT&L is in it normally. In all the versions of the SCP builds (Source Code Project, the group working on the released source code to FS2 to enhance it, enabling things like autopilot) I've run across recently, HT&L is the default option.

You do NOT have to run in HTL mode in the current builds. It helps a lot if you can, as FS2_Open seems less stable in non-HTL mode in my experience and is considerably slower.

I have the misforune to be forced not to use HTL because my system's video chipset can't handle HTL.

without HTL you need a VERY fast cpu and even then... I am not sure if you will be able to run the game. It IS esseintial to run it in HTL mode, all GPUs nowadays do support this feature.
OK, sweet. HTL it is then... what about per-pixel lighting? Any chance of that happening? (I know Lynx despises the current on-ship lighting system in the FS2 engine.)
One thing I didn't find on SCP site:
What are the min. reqs.?
Is there a file to DL to play the original FS2 with SCP goodness?
I don't know off hand. The minimum requirements are higher than those of FS2 retail, but I've never seen anything formal about them. And if you were browsing their site, not the SCP forums at HLP, you should be aware that it is very, *very* out of date.

To the best of my knowledge, run with all, repeat ALL, flags turned off. If you have a problem with the game freezing, not crashing, but literally freezing and locking up your system, post to the SCP forums and see what they say. You may want to run with the FPS flag under 'Dev Tools' running simply so you can see what kind of framerates you're getting.

I would reccomend that you take none of this on faith, however, and visit the SCP forums themselves from and ask them for advice. I am not a member of the Source Code Project.

without HTL you need a VERY fast cpu and even then... I am not sure if you will be able to run the game. It IS esseintial to run it in HTL mode, all GPUs nowadays do support this feature.

And Tolwyn, it is quite possible to run without HTL. The number of odd crashes is considerably higher, however. Also, not all GPUs support HTL. There's a few Intel integrated chips that emphatically do *not* support it, and I have one of them. I checked their tech support site, and got it from there.
perhaps you can run FS2 retail, but our models put heavier burden on the system...

minimum is a 600-1000 MHz CPU plus at least 256 mb of ram, 512 highly recommended and a Geforce 2 GPU.

I was also able to run the game on Radeon 9000 Mobile... I had constant frame rated of 40 fps with WCS with all featured on (notebook with Athlon 2200, 512 mb ram)

My systems does not allow me to make any conslusions on system requirements (2,67 GHz, 1024 MB RAM, Radeon 9700 Pro)
I'm running a 2.3 GHz with 512 MB of RAM.

If you'll point out what to grab from the FTP server in a PM, I'll be happy to test it and see if it'll run on my system without too many problems. I've tried to keep myself from doing more than browsing (old) screenshots and ships.tbl on that server, as well as listening to those samples you asked me to, and only them. I don't want to spoil the surprise by reading the script, seeing the models close-up, or playing missions. :)

At the very least, I can probably improve performance by dropping back down to 640x480 resolution. Since I can run fairly well at 1024x768 most of the time, I do.
hehe... on that server you will not find anything except a few models, pics and textures...

The game data is stored separately ;)
That was directed at Tolwyn, and comments on the precaution of storing the game data at a safe distance from the voice actors to prevent them from getting it early.

Oh, yes, Tolwyn, dropping back down to 640x480 at least doubles the framerates if not more.
So I guess my athlon 1.3GHz, 256MB RAM and GeForce 4MX 440 should be able to run it...

I guess I can get the SCP "patch" to run FS2 with extra bells and whistles, then?
I got around the same specs as yours, so technically you can run it. But I have to end up cold-booting after 3 missions or so because the resources sucks up everything else on my computer afterwards.
I had the same specs when Freespace2 came out, and it was enough to run
the "old standard" game at 1024x768x16

But due to the SCP-Enhancement you will not be able to go higher than 800x600
with this system (and you may have to shut down a few effects, especially
TGA-Backgrounds). At least I think so, of course this is something you have to

And Psych is right, there are some memory leaks, which will use up your
available memory. But some of these are related to a few bugs, which will
be eradicated (hopefully) when the final release comes.

But there will be a demo before the Main-Release, so you can try it out.

And what better reason can there be for buying a new PC than for
playing Wing-Commander-Saga in all it's glory :D
And what better reason can there be for buying a new PC than for
playing Wing-Commander-Saga in all it's glory

If that isn't like in the good old days when you needed a new PC for every new WC you could say we keep a tradition ^_^
Starman: *Poke* Stock FS2 gives you 1024x768 and 640x480 ONLY, any other resolution is available through the 'Use non-standard modes' in the FS2_Open Launcher. I don't want to go into details about how it treats the artwork; I'll most likely end up with a headache.
I can't tell you that for sure, because I never played in a lower resolution.

But is is true that you can set it to 800x600 through the launcher, and
I cannot remember that there have been problems around. AFAIK only
switching to 1280x1024 is not really recommended or supported, but
I'm also not sure about that.

When I finished most of the models and the few missions I do for myself,
I will certainly spend the last time before the release für testing these
Well that depents on your CPU...even a good card can't do wonders when you CPU is to slow...but just buy some memory...a new CPU..and a graphicard...that less then a complett new PC ^_^
But I think their are some possibilities to optimise the code and some thing we have to wait till the final release what the min specs are.
how about some new shots....been 2 weeks since we've seen any in this about some shots of the new light cruiser and CVE? :)