Scotch Early Moments


Rear Admiral


I can remember when I first heard on the announcement on the news network. I never thought I would see the day that the Confederation would declare war with the Kilrathi, first there were the problems with the Pilgrim Alliances and their intent for political independence, the Mari-ad and other different terrorist factions that constantly destabilising and continuing harassing the Confederation within demanding taxes to be lower, freedom of speech and what nots. Now with the Kilrathi now on our front door, I fear that it would be a matter of time before I see the Confederation fall into chaos, into a galactic wide civil war.

I remember sitting at the Bull and Bear in Adelaide, Australia back at Sol with several of my fellow officers for a drink when we heard the announcement from the Speaker of the Confederation Assembly,

“I regret to inform that all diplomatic avenues with the Kilrathi have been exhausted, it is now clear they have no interest in co-existing with us or any other race. It is my sad duty to inform you that as of 6.00am this morning we are at formally at war with the Kilrathi. God help us all”

“Damn I never thought it would come to this” said Lieutenant Alan ‘Scotch’ Walker, “I would have thought that the Kilrathi would at least try things in a more diplomatic way”
“Are you kidding Scotch!” said Lieutenant James Gerald, “after their raids and ambushes on our colonies and trade lines. Not to mention the cargo ships that gets hit all the time by those Kilrathi pirates”
“After what they did to the Anna Magdalena, I don’t think they deserve any explanation” said Lieutenant Sarah Tyson, “they knew, that ship was carrying orphans and refugees! Didn’t they scan the ship or anything?”
“I don’t know” said Scotch, “but I would have never thought we would have more troubles on our plate?”
“Yeah” nodded Gerald, “first the Pilgrims, then the Mari-ad and those terrorists’ cell groups, what more do we want?”
“Oh I don’t know how about a full blown civil war some where in this galaxy to top it off” smiled Scotch, “Confed could always use some new problems”
“Oh ha ha Scotch” said Sarah, “you funny”
“It doesn’t matter any more” said Gerald, “we got a problem and we have to deal with it now. I just hope that Confed do find a diplomatic avenue with them. I have had it with these operations we are assigned to, against the Pilgrims and these terrorists”

* * *​

Six months later…..

He did not like it one bit, but then he did not like anything at all, Scotch saw the red blips coming on his sensor panel, “I’m reading six, repeat six bogies bearing in at 090 mark 045”
“Confirmed” said his wingman, Lieutenant Colin ‘Bum’ Prinze, “Reading six hostiles. I got visuals, reading Kilrathi. Repeat I am reading Kilrathi!”
“Great just great” growled Scotch as he switched his communication frequency to his command ship, “Command this is Defence Lead, we detect six Kilrathi hostiles on approach, repeat six hostiles on approach”
“We confirm Defence Lead” replied the communications officer, “Fly Boss is launching a flight to assist and another flight on defensive position around home position, standby”
“Roger that Command” replied Scotch, “well Bum I guess we got work to do”
“Eh who said this was going to be easy” replied Bum, “we all saw this coming”
“Yeah, yeah I know” said Scotch, “didn’t think it would come to this”
“You are such the pessimist aren’t you?” said Bum

“Defence Lead, this is Captain John Cappa, designation Alpha Lead. We are hear to reinforce our position and assist you”
“Roger that Alpha Lead” replied Scotch, “standby to encounter hostiles at 005 mark 010”
“Confirmed Defence Lead, how many are heading this way?”
“Don’t know we detected six hostiles and can’t determine what they are. We held back waiting for you guys to arrive”
“Copy that Defence Lead” replied Cappa, “well we are all here. All units form up on my position and prepare to engage hostile forces on my mark”

* * *​

“Get back Paul!” said Cappa as he tried to pull Scotch from the group of medics who were treating Bums on the flight deck. The encounter with the Kilrathi was not were they expected. What they thought would be six Kilrathi fighters was in fact a Kilrathi strike group of a light carrier, three destroyers and two frigates. Their command ship, the TCS Defiance was a lone carrier out in the outer quadrant on the Vega Sector unaware of the Kilrathi presence in their system. Fortunately the Defiance was able to call in reinforcements to assist them.
They were able to repel the Kilrathi forces but with significant loss, including several pilots.
Lieutenant Colin Prinze’s fighter was severely damage beyond repair but for some miracle effort was able to land with only two landing struts and a flaming engine. The deck crew pulled him out, barely in time before his fighter craft exploded injuring both Colin and the deck crew that were helping him out.
“I got to see him!” said Scotch as he try to get out of Cappa’s grip around him, “I have to see”
“Don’t they have to treat him” said Cappa, both Cappa and Scotch could see the medics working quickly to resuscitate Bums and treated his burns injury. As they were quickly trying to attend to his injuries one of the medics shook his head to his partners indicating there was nothing else they could do, Colin was dead.
“Fucking Kilrathi” said Scotch, as he finally got out of Cappa’s grip. He already lost Gerald and Tyson. Now he lost Prinze to the Kilrathi, “Fuck them all to hell” he turned and head out of the flight deck to the main exit which lead him to decontamination before heading to the rec-room.


Rear Admiral
This is not a fan fiction which I intend to follow. This is only a vision I had about the Nephilim Threat since I finished Propehcy and part of Secret Ops. Aftering reading the 'Holding the Line' Series I had a though about 'What would have happen if they.." situation. So I thought I write ths one off fiction and see how it turned out. I took out a an old fan fiction a previous forum member had written and used it as a the main plot and I actually reading it.

I choose this pilot because he was around the main pilots but not much was mention about him. There was a few things mention here and there but from one point of view there was nothing much about this pilot so I thought why the hell not.
This fiction is of not relation to the 'Holding the Line' Series, just an alternative I have been thinking.
Enjoy the read!


They were fighting a losing battle and they would not admit it at all.
First the Confederation main Battle Fleets were lost, the Kilrathi Empire lost their homeworld, then it was Earth, then the Border Worlds. Now both the human and the Kilrathi species are fighting for their very survival.

Ten years of fighting this new alien threat has put the other wars to shame.
He should have stayed back home and kept his word about his resignation, but the call to arms beckon me and he couldnt resist the temptation to go back in the cockpit and flying among the stars, shooting down hostiles, racking up kills on the killboard.

Sitting in the makeshift Pilot's Lounge, the room was no bigger than two officers quarters combined he remembers sitting with the other pilots talking when they heard the annoucement made by the Confederation President said those dreaded words

"Ladies and gentlemen, Sol has been lost"

A commontion rang through the Pilot's Lounge, pilots and other personel crowded around the viewscreen where they watched and listen to the President's speech

A Nephilim fleet breached Jupiter HQ defenses approximately twenty hours ago. Though Confed leadership evacuated to this facility well prior, this defeat marks a devastating loss for the Confederation
Lost in Sol was Confed’s most powerful naval force, including the two megacarriers TCS Midway and TCS Mistral Sea and their six thousand men and women and two hundred fifty fighters each. Also lost were the carrier TCS Eisen, the cruisers TCS Adelaide and TCS Bannockburn, and the destroyers TCS Arkhangelsk and TCS Foehammer, among others

The Midway! Oh fuck no! he thought Admiral Wilford's ship, Colonel Dekker, Major Marshall, Lee, Smith, Washington, they dead..damn bastards

Latest intelligence estimated enemy fleet strength at twenty carriers, fifty other capital ships, and as many as seven thousand fighters
Those are the facts. They cannot be changed. There is no time for grief. To the families of those lost, I offer only this: your husbands and wives, your fathers and mothers, your sons and daughters died valiantly

They knew their chances were grim. But they fought, and that was all we could ask of them

They knew their chances were grim. Yet they stood their ground, inflicting massive losses upon the enemy in the process. From post-action reports, fewer than one-third of the original Nephilim fleet remains
For the first time in this invasion, our fleet strength matches theirs. As we speak, pilots are gearing up to take the fight back to the enemy

We will not stand idly by as the Nephilim menace engorges our race, system by system, planet by planet. We will hold what remains. We will drive them back. They will find every system in their path awaiting them not helplessly but with fighting courage. They will pay for every jump with blood

We will run circles around the Nephilim beast, wearing them down, smashing supply lines, breaking rear echelons. While they rest, we will strike. While they emerge, we will hide and regroup. With every planet’s help, our forces will swell as theirs dwindle

Then we will retake Sol. There is no question – Sol is the most important system of the Confederation. It is where it all began, where we all began. It is our home, our birthright. But we can fight without it. We can win without it

The Nephilim may have numbers. They may have technology. But they do not have our will. They seek only to conquer, while we seek to survive. We have been cornered, but we shall fight out of our corner with vitality and determination

Today is theirs, but tomorrow will be ours. Grant them this battle, for the war we shall have. Grant them one system, for many more we shall retake

We are bruised, but we are not broken. We are down, but we are not out. As long as courage survives in us, hope survives in us

He never though it would happen. Earth. Home. His quiet place in the universe. Gone and now in the hands of the aliens. How much he wish his friends were here with him. But they were gone. They are all gone. He is what's left of a group of friends that meant so much to him. They taught him many things about being a pilot. His past was full of pain and sorrow and his friends brought him up to the present and to future. Now his future is uncertain. With no one left, he is now all alone and afraid.

Looking back up at the crowd he saw people talking furiously among each other asking about explantions, wondering what happen to the families on Earth, their friends, loved ones, people whom they knew.
Now they are more angry and more determine to bring the fight back to the bugs and finish them once and for all.

Finishing his drink, he sat back pondering what fate lies for the people who may have been capture on Earth by the bugs.
Would have been better if it was the Kilrathi that capture them he thought but then after hearing the stories about Kilrathi's makes them look like child's play compare to Nephilim.

"Major Troy Carter please report to Command Bridge. Major Troy Carter please report to the Command Bridge"
Standing up Troy stood up and adjusted his jump suit he headed out of the Pilot's Lounge. Taking one last look at the pilots around the viewscreen, he wondered how many of them would still be alive after this war. If they surive this war.


Rear Admiral
"A child's view"

Why do the bad cat people hurt us mommy?
Why do they hate us?
Mommy will I see daddy again?
Daddy always have to go to fight the bad cat people
I don't want daddy to go all the time
Mommy and me are all alone.
I want to go play in the park with daddy
But mommy says bad cat people are wrecking nice playground
I cant play outside now because of bad cat people
Im all alone and sad
Why do the bad cat people hurt us?


Rear Admiral
"A Warrior's fate"

Everywhere they are
Surrender they will not
Death to us all they want
Every last one

Duty and Honour I was hoping for
Death and Destruction I get
Loss and Despair
Hatred and Anger I now have
Alone now with my rifle and knife
To defend this place
A place long forgotten
But never give up will I
Ongoing I will be

Duty and Honour I will regain
Honour to me and to my Clan
Glory to the Empire


Rear Admiral
With the courtesy of Loaf's suggestion here is a fan fiction for cheeky ones


"Captain Lance Killington and the Case of the Expanded Memory Manager"

"Quick quick we got to get that Case!" said Lance as he chased after the kid through the corridor.
"How the heck did you let that brat in with the case numbnut!" growled Gerald running up behind Lance, "who let him in"
"The Governor brought his son along during his inspection tour. I thought his babysitter was looking after him" said Lance as he tried to catch up with the kid, "Oi kid give that case back!"
But the kid laughed as he continue to run on his little sturdy legs, carrying the case in his arms "Im not a kid, I'm 6 years old"
"Well he told you then" grinned Gerald, "I guess you met your match"
"Shut that gob of yours" the two pilots continue to chase the kid around the corner to dead end. Hoping to have the kid hand over the case they found the kid was not at the end.
"Where the heck you go?" asked Gerald, "you couldn't got past us?"
they both heard more giggling, looking up they say an air vent just small enough for a child to crawl through
"Bloody hell" groaned Lance, "I'm going to wring that bloody kid's neck"
"Who kid's head?" said someone behind him, Lance and Gerald looked behind and saw their Wing Commander Colonel Roberts with Governor Polis
"Is there something wrong gentlemen?" asked the Governor
"Ah no sir" said Lance, "just playing hide and see with your son sir"
"Ah very good them gentlemen, carry on. Shall we Colonel?" said Polis as they continue down the corridor
"Ok now what smart ass?" asked Gerald, "any bright ideas or comments?"
"Shut up you" Lance said "you know where that vent leads to?"
"How the heck am I suppose to know?" said Gerald until they heard splashing noise and giggling, "I guess we know" the pilots turn to head off when they heard a couple of female screams
"What is that kid doing here?"
"Get out your little pervet!"
"Um do you want to go in the 'fresher? Or do I go in?" asked Gerald

* * *

Women's showers

"Not another world!" whispered Lance as they walked through the showers of the women's change room, listening to the splashing of water and the soft giggling of the boy, "you tell anyone I am going to cap your bloody ass!"
"Not a word no probs" replied Gerald with a straight face
The two men crept closer to the giggling to one of the end shower cubicles. Indicating at the last shower Lance moved aheard with Gerald following behind and about to charge when they were stopped by a female voice
"You freaking perverts!!" turning around they saw Samantha 'Busty' Ulric with a towel wrapped around her waist barely covering her breasts and another towel wrapped around her hair, "what the hell you doing here"
"Nice to see you too Busty" said Lance trying not to gawk at her near naked body, "we trying to chase this kid but" he was going to continue when he heard a rumbling and kicking sound of some sort. Rushing into the last cubicle Gerald ran in to find the kid
"Damn the kid got through to another vent!" said Gerald from the cubicle, "damn this punk kid is good"
"You letting a kid take control of you?" asked Busty raising an eyebrow
"Don't you start with me too alright" snapped Lance, "the kid got into Gant's tech room. He said it was some case with some Expanded Memory Manager thingy"
"You dont know what is in that case?" asked Busty
"No I dont and I could not care less" said Lance as he headed out of the women's changeroom, "and please dont mention this to anyone would you"

* * *

Mess Hall

"I dont know I give up" groaned Lance taking a sip of his drink "why did I have to go into Gant's room"
"Should you be looking for him than drinking?" asked Gerald
"Cant a guy take a quick breather?"
"Oh poor darling" said Busty
Gerald was about to replied when they heard a loud crashing noises of pots and pans
"Cookies!!!" a young voice called out
"I should have guess" grinned Gerald "we forgot the most basic law of children. Cookies and Children combine to form an"
"Shut up!" hushed Lance as he put his drink down and walked over to the door into the kitchen

Gerald and Lance found the boy sitting against the pantry cupboard with a large tin of cookies between his legs. Shoving his hands into the can, the kid pulled out several cookies and shoving them in his mouth.
"You like them cookies kid?" asked Lance
"Ah-huh" mumbled the kid as he shoved another cookie in his mouth
"I guess you dont need this" said Lance as he walked over and picked up the case next to the kid, "at least it is not damaged. Yuo two go clean this kid up"
"Why us?" asked Busty
"Because A I have been chasing this thing for Gant, B I out rank you and C I just made that an Order"
"You owe us one Lance" said Busty as he pulled tea towel from nearby rack, wetting it and wiping the kids cookie-covered face, "I just have to think what thou" giving Lance an evil grin

* * *

Gant's Tech Laboratory

"Here is your missing case Gant" said Lance as he handed it over, "you owe me big for this"
"Um sorry Lance" said Gant sheepishly taking the case, "um I didnt know that the kid was actually looking around my gadgets" he plug the case to his main computer console and tapped in a series of computer commands
"So what is this case for?" asked Lance "Encryption? Data Analysis, Sensor Readings?"
"Um not exactly" said Gant as the console lit up, "um sorry Lance I should told you before you ran out after the kid"
Lance looked at the screen in shock and dismay "The Adventures of Sam and Max...You got to be kidding?"
"Sorry Lance"
"I ran all around for a case so you can run bloody game? Oh crap!!" shaking his head Lance walked out with his head in shame, "what was I thinking"
Lance headed out of Gant's lab when he heard his name on the PA system
"Captain Lance Killington please report to the Wing Commander's Office, Captain Lance Killington please report to the Wing Commander's Office"

* * *

Wing Commander Office

"Take a seat Captain while I finish this" said Colonel Roberts when he finished his report on his console, "Now Captain I have an assignment I need you to deal with"
"Yes Colonel" replied Lance, "is this a solo assignment or do I go in with some other people"
"It's a 3-man assignment" said Roberts "I have assigned Lieutenants Samson and Ulric to escort an VIP to Gemini Sector"
"Yes sir. Who is the VIP?"
"You will meet him very shortly. Samson and Ulric is escorting the him in"
Lance heard the door to the Colonel's office behind him open, "Lieutenant's Samson and Ulirc report with VIP for escort Colonel" said Gerald
Lance turned around turned deathly pale
"You're the VIP?"
"Hey its you" grinned the kid
"Captain meet Jason Polis, Governor's Polis son" said Roberts
"Oh crap!' groaned Lance