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Yep, that happened while I was writing that last post. Ah, well. The above post still applies though (except that it no longer concerns me
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Yeah I know it did (was in #wingnut )


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Quatro, What exactly did you do to be busted down?

Anyhow, earlier today you said something about looking into the WC1, and WC2 files to see the stats for the ships? How can I do that?

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LOAF: Actually, you've got two e-mails on the way already (the first being sent before my demotion). The second one is a bit incomplete. I'll write yet another e-mail explaining my view on this later (right now, I really gotta go somewhere).

Earthworm: Not my place to tell you. As for looking into the WC 1 and 2 files for stats, go to HCl's page. If what you need ain't there, then it doesn't exist

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Wasn't this thread closed yesterday? I didn't know you could open closed threads.
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Who was complaining? All I did was state the fact that every other UBB I have been to had a Closed By: deal. I never said anything about something being wrong. If I was complaining, you'd have known it. Or as Quarto or Frosty would say: "Look, dumbass that we hate posted something else stupid."

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Fireball SC: You gravely insult me by shoving words in my mouth. If you have a problem, then go ahead and send me an e-mail. But do NOT under any circumstances, suggest, imply, or even think, that I'm being unfair. That will get you in trouble.
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The option to unclose threads is fairly new I think. I never noticed it on the previous version of the board.

As for the who closed the thread thing, if there's such an option available then I can't find it. Also, most of the time the person closing the thread makes one final post saying he's closing it. And does it really matter that much?

In the future, rather than griping about this on the board, mail
The address was recently established to make it easier for you guys to send us e-mails.
Oh darn.

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Rule 9, Kalkrath. That is, I'm not saying that's the reason. I'm just saying that this isn't really the place to go into that.
If Frosty wishes to discuss his status, he will. If not, that is the end of the subject on this chat board.


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Perhaps there should be some [ADMIN] UBB code that makes the text really stand out and forces everyone to read it.

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