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Ok, everything I've said has been touched upon to some extent in this thread, but as our little debate on the topic continues, I'm just adding my two cents toward the side I happen to agree with.

And sure, threads like this may be stupid, but we all seem to be enjoying ourselves talking about the Terminator flicks and a bit of Highlander.

Now what part of my previous statement is actually wrong?
let it go....back away slowly


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Even though it's apparently cruise control for cool to hate T3 for the sake of it, I don't espcially like the movie. Like I (think) aluded to earlier, T3 has a couple of plot holes, mainly the annoying JC age bit. Plus the beginning where ahnuld has to get some leather like in the last movie was, well, lame from my point of view. Plus the T-X was, well, lame again, espcially compared to T-1000. The T-800 in the first movie really gave the aura of a unstoppable killing machine, and i'm quite sure that the role of the Terminator was almost literaly made for Arnold.

The T-1000 was kind of strecting it, but unlike the T-X, Robert Patrick at least looked like a fairly tough cop. The T-X just looks like a random chick(Yes, I know her name) in red leather running around killing people.

I think T3 really needed some polishing up on the script, maybe a rewrite or two. That would of help it much in my view.
Actually a terminator that looks more normal is better because all of the terminators that were sent back in time are infiltration models, and the T-1000 and T-X blend in a lot better then the T-800I and T-850I model 101s. Since the main goal of an infiltration unit is to blend in this is more proof of their superiority.


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The T-X just looks like a random chick(Yes, I know her name) in red leather running around killing people.
The T-X didn't bother me in that sense. It felt more like they decided that the Terminator needed another gimmick and since they already did shape-shifting, why not try sexing it up?


My goodness was that bad. All the blood, sweat, and tears in T2 to keep any curious scientists from getting their hands on any terminator parts which might be reverse engineered, and in the pilot episode they not only leave a bank full of terminator chunks, but a complete time displacement gizmo to boot in 1999!
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