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A brief history of the Order of Path of Light and the events leading to this day
As told by Jerek, Knight of the Silver Hand and Companion of the Path of Light

Along the coast of the Great Sea, south of the Eastern Kingdoms, lies a great kingdom, a kingdom that has experienced war, famine and internal bickering and god forbid what problems it had encountered. The kingdom of Azeroth, one of the most respected and recognisable realms located south from the Dwarven kingdom of Khaz Modan, is ruled by the noble houses of Azeroth.

The Path of Light is an ancient order dating back to the early years of the first reign of the Arathi Family, the first noble family of Stormwind, Azeroth.
The Path of Light was an order of Priests from all parts of the known Eastern Kingdoms who wished to share and exchange knowledge and believe that their goal was to understand the mystery and understanding of the known universe. The Order was primarily nothing but a bunch of age-old human men who sat among their fellow brethren and discussed philosophy, ancient history, politics and current events.
Over time they would have visitors from the High Elves of Quel'Thalas, the Wizards of Dalaran and the occasion appearance of the Dwarves of Khaz Modan. Gradually over time the Path of Light has accumulated a great deal of knowledge and information throughout the know Eastern Kingdoms and was to second to none as the best place to find any information, the first are the wizards of Dalaran who are on par with the Great Library of Lordaeron, now known as Undercity located north of the Eastern Kingdoms.

Every so often the Priests of the Path of Light would travel to other kingdoms, gathering new information and exchanging information with other learned people. At the end of their travels many of the Priests would gather together at Northshire Abbey where they hold council and discuss about their endeavours and ways they could improve their order. This was one of the main contributing factors which led the Path of Light to be one of the most recognisable Orders in the Kingdom.

Unfortunately many of their records about the Path of Light were either lost and/or destroyed at the end of the first war with the Orcish Horde, when the Horde first laid siege to Stormwind Keep and many of their outlying towns including Northshire Abbey were destroyed. Sadly, Stormwind’s benevolent and just ruler, King Llane and many of its noble defenders died while defending their kingdom. Many people were killed including members from the Path of Light. Fortunately not all of the Priests were killed during the first Horde Invasion many escaped and some were able to save some of their archives and escape to Lordaeron led by Lord Anduin Lothar, Knight Errant in the Brotherhood of the Horse.

When the Azerothien refugees made their exodus from Azeroth to the shores of Lordaeron, the remnants of the Path of Light now number only 40 odd Priests were in dire trouble fearing that their ancient order would be lost forever decided to bring their Order back to its former glory. But with the upcoming Horde Invasion to the rest of the Eastern Kingdoms, the Path of Light had to change their mandate and views about their Order.
So it was agreed that the Path of Light along with surviving Priests under the leadership of Archbishop Alonsus Faol who was the Abbott of the then destroyed Northshire Abbey were able to convince the Holy Ministers of Lordaeron to unite their Priests and followers alike to take up arms of war and prepared to defend their homeland. Many Priests and soldiers alike banded together to form a massive armies with the aid of nearby human nations they were able to gather valuable recruits who would help in their plight in defending against the Horde Invasion. Among them was the legendary Uther Lightbringer, who was once a disciple of Foal who left the ministry and took up arms and faith and form the Knights of the Silver Hand with the Knights of Lordaeron, these Paladin’s became one of the newly formed Alliance back bone of the forces.

Seeing the great potential from the newly formed Paladin Knights, the Priest of the Path of Light invited the Paladins who were interested in joining their Order and strengthening their ties with other holy orders. During the early years of the Second War, the introduction of the Paladin Knights had greatly increased the number of members of the Path of Light. Over time it was suggested that the Order could improve and increase their numbers that they should recruit people from all fields, adventurers and alike. After much debate and arguments, the Council had agreed that they would allow races of all kind and of different professions, Paladins, Priests, Hunters and Mages to join their Order. In the span of two years news of the Ancient Order has regained much of its original number of members and has started gathering new knowledge and started and rebuilding its archives, mostly in secret as they disclose the location of their archives to certain members to avoid a second possibility of being lost or destroyed if attacked by the Horde.

Gradually the Alliance has learnt that the Path of Light as become a recognisable Order dedicated to the preservation of defence and justice and has enlisted the Path of Light for many of its dangerous missions. One of the Path of Light’s greatest moment was when a large contingent of the Path of Light’s finest Adventurers joined Lothar and his forces and mounted an attack on Orc Warchief Ogrim Doomhammer and his Orcs back to the Swamp of Sorrows where the first arrived but at the cost of the legendary warrior life. But with the heroic actions by Lothar’s chief lieutenant Lord Turalyon they were able to remove the Horde threat once and for all.

After the victory of the second war the Alliance Council had convened with advise of many of its military commanders and other influential members of the Alliance, it was decreed that they would travel through to the Orc’s homeworld of Draenor. After receiving word of the Alliances intentions, the Path of Light Council had agreed to lend their support and dispatching a contingent of adventurers some of them are now members of the leading Council of the Path of Light, among were young Paladin initiate, Jasper Lightstorm and Apprentice Unleashed (pronounced as Unley) who was a disciple of Lord Eric Farseer who was the Head Council Member and Head Mage of the Path of Light. Lightstorm and Unleashed and other adventurers from the Path of Light had joined up with the new expedition force under the command of Paladin General Turalyon led a campaign into the Orc homeworld. Their goal to prevent the opening of future Dark Portals to other realms was successful but at the cost of their lives where they risked theirs to allow their forces to return back to Azeroth and eliminate the rising Orc threat.

Over the next twenty years after war on the Orc homeworld, the Order has resume to their original mandate which was to gather new knowledge/information which could be added to their archives at the same time provide aid to those in need. Some of the adventurers even aided the Dwarves of Khaz Modan in the Battle of Grim Batol against the remaining Horde clans led by Grom Hellscream of his Warsong Clan and Kilrogg Deadeye of the Bleeding Hollow Clan.
They were able to take out the rogue group led by Orc Warlock Nekros who was controlling Dragonqueen Alexstrasza and her dragon flight. With the help of an Alliance Resistance group lead by the Human Mage Rhonin they were able to removed the last traces of the Orc threat in Azeroth once and for all with many of the Horde that were capture were put into Internment Camps.

This was when the first of strange events started occurring. After the final campaign against the Horde, a young infant child was found on the doorsteps on one of the Order’s Chapter Houses in Lordaeron. The child was left with note saying that the child was called Sahtra and he was the twin of a Prince of Lordaeron. Although uncertain what it meant, it also provide some disturbing information which to this date no one what the note contain except for the High Council of the Path of Light and the individual who found the child.

Over the next twenty years the Order has watch the child grow into a fully grown man and gradually joining the Order as a fully fledge Paladin with the Path of Light and Knight of the Silver Hand.
Then one night a lone stranger arrived at the High Council gathering for the Path of Light leaders warning them of the future and fate of Paladin Sahtra. Although confused by the revelation the council had agreed that information from the note found 20 years ago was related to the strangers arrival and possible the fate to the kingdom.

Months passed, and more orc prisoners were rounded up with the aid from Path of Light and other newly formed Orders/Guilds and placed within the internment camps. As the camps began to overflow, the Alliance was forced to construct new camps in the plains south of the Alterac Mountains. To properly maintain and supply the growing number of camps, King Terenas levied a new tax on the Alliance nations. This tax, along with increased political tensions over border disputes, created widespread unrest. It seemed that the fragile pact that had forged the human nations together in their darkest hour would break at any given moment.
Amidst the political turmoil, many of the camp wardens began to notice an unsettling change come over their orc captives. The orcs' efforts to escape from the camps or even fight amongst themselves had greatly decreased in frequency over time. The orcs were becoming increasingly aloof and lethargic. Though it was difficult to believe, the orcs - once held as the most aggressive race ever seen on Azeroth - had completely lost their will to fight. The strange lethargy confounded the Alliance leaders and continued to take its toll on the rapidly weakening orcs.
Some speculated within in the Order and has brought this to the attention to other Orders that some strange disease, contractible only by orcs, brought about the baffling lethargy. Path of Light’s greatest ally and friend, Archmage Antonidas of Dalaran posed a different hypothesis. Researching what little he could find of Orcish history, Antonidas learned that the orcs had been under the crippling influence of demonic power for generations. He speculated that the orcs had been corrupted by these powers even before their first invasion of Azeroth. Clearly, demons had spiked the orcs' blood, and in turn the brutes had been granted unnaturally heightened strength, endurance, and aggression.
Antonidas theorized that the orcs' communal lethargy was not actually a disease, but a consequence of racial withdrawal from the volatile warlock magics that had made them fearsome, blood lusted warriors. Though the symptoms were clear, Antonidas was unable to find a cure for the orcs' present condition. Then too, many of his fellow mages, as well as a few notable Alliance leaders, argued that finding a cure for the orcs would be an imprudent venture. Left to ponder the orcs' mysterious condition, Antonidas' conclusion was that the orcs' cure would have to be a spiritual one.

It was many years later that the Lich, Kel'Thuzad and his Cult of the Damned finally struck the first blow by releasing the plague of undeath upon Lordaeron. Uther and his fellow paladins and Paladins from Path of Light investigated the infected regions in the hope of finding a way to stop the plague. Despite their efforts, the plague continued to spread and threatened to tear the Alliance apart.
As the ranks of the undead swept across Lordaeron, Terenas' only son, Prince Arthas, took up the fight against the Scourge. Arthas succeeded in killing Kel'Thuzad, but even so, the undead ranks swelled with every soldier that fell defending the land. Frustrated and stymied by the seemingly unstoppable enemy, Arthas took increasingly extreme steps to conquer them. Finally Arthas' comrades warned him that he was losing his hold on his humanity.
Arthas' fear and resolve proved to be his ultimate undoing. He tracked the plague's source to Northrend, intending to end its threat forever. Instead, Prince Arthas eventually fell prey to the Lich King's tremendous power. Believing that it would save his people, Arthas took up the cursed runeblade, Frostmourne. Though the sword did grant him unfathomable power, it also stole his soul and transformed him into the greatest of the Lich King's death knights. With his soul cast aside and his sanity shattered, Arthas led the Scourge against his own kingdom. Ultimately, Arthas murdered his own father, King Terenas, and crushed Lordaeron under the Lich King's iron heel.

With the overwhelming forces of the Undead, the Path of Light was forced to abandon the Motherhouse in Lordaeron and relocated their house to the Stormwind along with all the surviving members and the secretly hidden archives which was also brought to Stormwind to a secret location.

Sunwell - The Fall of Quel'Thalas

Though he had defeated all of the people he now saw as his enemies, Arthas was still haunted by the ghost of Kel'Thuzad. The ghost told Arthas that he needed to be revived for the next phase of the Lich King's plan. To revive him, Arthas needed to bring Kel'Thuzad's remains to the mystical Sunwell, hidden within the high elves' eternal kingdom of Quel'Thalas.
Arthas and his Scourge invaded Quel'Thalas and laid siege to the elves' crumbling defences. Sylvanas Windrunner, the Ranger-General of Silvermoon, put up a valiant fight, but Arthas eventually eradicated the high elf army and battled through to the Sunwell. In a cruel gesture of his dominance, he even raised Sylvanas' defeated body as a banshee, cursed to endless undeath in the service of Quel'Thalas' conqueror.
Ultimately, Arthas submerged Kel'Thuzad's remains within the holy waters of the Sunwell. Although the potent waters of Eternity were fouled by this act, Kel'Thuzad was reborn as a sorcerous lich. Resurrected as a far more powerful being, Kel'Thuzad explained the next phase of the Lich King's plan. By the time Arthas and his army of the dead turned southward, not one living elf remained in Quel'Thalas. The glorious homeland of the high elves, which had stood for more than nine thousand years, was no more.

Archimonde's Return and the Flight to Kalimdor

Once Kel'Thuzad was whole again, Arthas led the Scourge south to Dalaran. There the lich would obtain the powerful spell book of Medivh, and use it to summon Archimonde back into the world. From that point on, Archimonde himself would begin the Legion's final invasion. Not even the wizards of the Kirin Tor could stop Arthas' forces from stealing Medivh's book, and soon Kel'Thuzad had all he needed to perform his spell. After ten thousand years, the mighty demon Archimonde and his host emerged once again upon the world of Azeroth. Yet Dalaran was not their final destination. Under orders from Kil'jaeden himself, Archimonde and his demons followed the undead Scourge to Kalimdor, bent on destroying Nordrassil, the World Tree.
In the midst of this chaos, a lone, mysterious prophet appeared to lend the mortal races guidance. This prophet proved to be none other than Medivh, the last Guardian, miraculously returned from the Beyond to redeem himself for past sins. Medivh told the Horde and the Alliance of the dangers they faced and urged them to band together. Jaded by generations of hate, the orcs and humans would have none of it. Medivh was forced to deal with each race separately, using prophecy and trickery to guide them across the sea to the legendary land of Kalimdor. The orcs and humans soon encountered the long-hidden civilization of the Kaldorei.
The orcs, led by Thrall, suffered a series of setbacks on their journey across Kalimdor's Barrens. Though they befriended Cairne Bloodhoof and his mighty tauren warriors, many orcs began to succumb to the demonic bloodlust that had plagued them for years. Thrall's greatest lieutenant, Grom Hellscream, even betrayed the Horde by giving himself over to his baser instincts. As Hellscream and his loyal Warsong warriors stalked through the forests of Ashenvale, they clashed with the ancient night elf Sentinels. Certain that the orcs had returned to their warlike ways, the demigod Cenarius came forth to drive Hellscream and his orcs back. Yet Hellscream and his orcs, overcome with supernatural hate and rage, managed to kill Cenarius and corrupt the ancient forestlands. Ultimately, Hellscream redeemed his honor by helping Thrall defeat Mannoroth, the demon lord who first cursed the orcs with his bloodline of hate and rage. With Mannoroth's death, the orcs' blood-curse was finally brought to an end.
While Medivh worked to convince the orcs and humans of the need for an alliance, the night elves fought the Legion in their own secretive ways. Tyrande Whisperwind, the immortal High Priestess of the night elf Sentinels, battled desperately to keep the demons and undead from overrunning the forests of Ashenvale. Tyrande realized that she needed help, so she set out to awaken the night elf druids from their thousand-year slumber. Calling upon her ancient love, Malfurion Stormrage, Tyrande succeeded in galvanizing her defences and driving the Legion back. With Malfurion's help, nature herself rose up to vanquish the Legion and its Scourge allies.
While searching for more of the hibernating druids, Malfurion found the ancient barrow prison in which he had chained his brother, Illidan. Convinced that Illidan would aid them against the Legion, Tyrande set him free. Though Illidan did aid them for a time, he eventually fled to pursue his own interests.
The night elves braced themselves and fought the Burning Legion with grim determination. The Legion had never ceased in its desire for the Well of Eternity, long the source of strength for the World Tree and itself the heart of the night elf kingdom. If their planned assault on the Tree was successful, the demons would literally tear the world apart.

The Battle of Mount Hyjal

Under Medivh's guidance, Thrall and Jaina Proudmoore - the leader of the human forces in Kalimdor - realized that they had to put aside their differences. Similarly, the night elves, led by Malfurion and Tyrande, agreed that they must unite if they hoped to defend the World Tree. Unified in purpose, the races of Azeroth worked together to fortify the World Tree's energies to their utmost. Empowered by the very strength of the world, Malfurion succeeded in unleashing Nordrassil's primal fury, utterly destroying Archimonde and severing the Legion's anchor to the Well of Eternity. The final battle shook the continent of Kalimdor to its roots. Unable to draw power from the Well itself, the Burning Legion crumbled under the combined might of the mortal armies.

The Betrayer Ascendant

During the Legion's invasion of Ashenvale, Illidan was released from his barrow prison after ten thousand years of captivity. Though he sought to appease his comrades, he soon reverted to true form and consumed the energies of a powerful warlock artifact known as the Skull of Gul'dan. By doing so, Illidan developed demonic features and vastly magnified power. He also gained some of Gul'dan's old memories - especially those of the Tomb of Sargeras, the island dungeon rumoured to hold the remains of the Dark Titan, Sargeras.
Bristling with power and free to roam the world once more, Illidan set out to find his own place in the great scheme of things. However, Kil'jaeden confronted Illidan and made him an offer he could not refuse. Kil'jaeden was angered by Archimonde's defeat at Mount Hyjal, but he had greater concerns than vengeance. Sensing that his creation, the Lich King, was growing too powerful to control, Kil'jaeden ordered Illidan to destroy Ner'zhul and put an end to the undead Scourge once and for all. In exchange, Illidan would receive untold power and a true place amongst the remaining lords of the Burning Legion.
Illidan agreed and immediately set out to destroy the Frozen Throne, the icy crystal cask in which the Lich King's spirit resided. Illidan knew that he would need a mighty artifact to destroy the Frozen Throne. Using the knowledge he had gained from Gul'dan's memories, Illidan decided to seek out the Tomb of Sargeras and claim the Dark Titan's remains. He called in some old Highborne debts and lured the serpentine Naga from their dark undersea lairs. Led by the cunning witch Lady Vashj the Naga helped Illidan reach the Broken Isles, where Sargeras' Tomb was rumoured to be located.
As Illidan set out with the Naga, Warden Maiev Shadowsong began to hunt him. Maiev had been Illidan's jailor for ten thousand years and relished the prospect of recapturing him. However, Illidan outsmarted Maiev and her Watchers and succeeded in claiming the Eye of Sargeras despite their efforts. With the powerful Eye in his possession, Illidan travelled to the former wizard-city of Dalaran. Strengthened by the city's ley power lines, Illidan used the Eye to cast a destructive spell against the Lich King's citadel of Icecrown in distant Northrend. Illidan's attack shattered the Lich King's defences and ruptured the very roof of the world. At the final moment, Illidan's destructive spell was stopped when his brother Malfurion and the Priestess Tyrande arrived to aid Maiev.
Knowing that Kil'jaeden would not be pleased with his failure to destroy the Frozen Throne, Illidan fled to the barren dimension known as Outland: the last remnants of Draenor, the orcs' former homeworld. There he planned to evade Kil'jaeden's wrath and plan his next moves. After they succeeded in stopping Illidan, Malfurion and Tyrande returned home to Ashenvale Forest to watch over their people. Maiev, however, would not quit so easily, and followed Illidan to Outland, determined to bring him to justice.

Rise of the Blood Elves

At this time, the undead Scourge had essentially transformed Lordaeron and Quel'Thalas into the toxic Plague lands. There were only a few pockets of Alliance resistance forces left. One such group, consisting primarily of high elves, was led by the last of the Sunstrider dynasty: Prince Kael'thas. Kael, an accomplished wizard himself, grew wary of the failing Alliance. The high elves grieved for the loss of their homeland and decided to call themselves blood elves in honor of their fallen people. Yet as they worked to keep the Scourge at bay, they suffered greatly at being cut off from the Sunwell that had empowered them. Desperate to find a cure for his people's racial addiction to magic, Kael did the unthinkable: he embraced his people's Highborne ancestry and joined with Illidan and his Naga in hopes of finding a new magical power source upon which to feed. The remaining Alliance commanders condemned the blood elves as traitors and cast them out for good.
With no place left to go, Kael and his blood elves followed Illidan to Outland and helped him defeat the warden, Maiev, who had recaptured Illidan. However, the combined Naga and blood elf forces managed to defeat her and free Illidan from her grasp. Based in Outland, Illidan gathered his forces for a second strike against the Lich King and his fortress of Icecrown.

Civil War in the Plague lands

Ner'zhul, the Lich King, knew that his time was short. Imprisoned within the Frozen Throne, he suspected that Kil'jaeden would send his agents to destroy him. The damage caused by Illidan's spell had ruptured the Frozen Throne; thus, the Lich King was losing his power daily. Desperate to save himself, he called his greatest mortal servant to his side: the death knight Prince Arthas.
Though his powers were drained by the Lich King's weakness, Arthas had been involved in a civil war in Lordaeron. Half of the standing undead forces, led by the banshee Sylvanas Windrunner, staged a coup for control over the undead empire. Arthas, called by the Lich King, was forced to leave the Scourge in the hands of his lieutenant, Kel'Thuzad, as the war escalated throughout the Plague lands.
Ultimately, Sylvanas and her rebel undead (known as the Forsaken) claimed the ruined capital city of Lordaeron as their own. Constructing their own bastion beneath the wrecked city, the Forsaken vowed to defeat the Scourge and drive Kel'Thuzad and his minions from the land.
Weakened, but determined to save his master, Arthas reached Northrend only to find Illidan's Naga and blood elves waiting for him. He and his nerubian allies raced against Illidan's forces to reach the Icecrown Glacier and defend the Frozen Throne.

The Lich King Triumphant

Even weakened as he was, Arthas ultimately outmanoeuvred Illidan and reached the Frozen Throne first. Using his runeblade, Frostmourne, Arthas shattered the Lich King's icy prison and thereby released Ner'zhul's enchanted helm and breastplate. Arthas placed the unimaginably powerful helm on his head and became the new Lich King. Ner'zhul and Arthas' spirits fused into a single mighty being, just as Ner'zhul had always planned. Illidan and his troops were forced to flee back to Outland in disgrace, while Arthas became one of the most powerful entities the world had ever known.
Currently Arthas, the new and immortal Lich King, resides in Northrend; he is rumoured to be rebuilding the citadel of Icecrown. His trusted lieutenant, Kel'Thuzad, commands the Scourge in the Plague lands. Sylvanas and her rebel Forsaken hold only the Tirisfal Glades, a small portion of the war-torn kingdom.

Path of Light – Now

With the loss of Lordaeron and the loss of Arthas, the Path of Light have secretly been deploying spies in both Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms on secret missions to which many of the members are completely unaware of what the mission was about, but were required to fulfil certain duties.
To this date, no one knows what is happening but the High Council of the Path of Light know in the next following year or even in the next months, something big and bad was going to happen and if nothing was to prevent another catastrophe lives would lost forever.


Rear Admiral

Chapter One

Path of Light Fatherhouse
Somewhere in Stormwind

The High Council had convened at the request of the Council Head Master and the Masters knew what it was about. The Masters feared that the event would never come, but rumours were filtering throughout the ranks and some are showing concern with the events that lead to past.

Twenty years ago a young mage, Unleashed found a young child on the doorsteps of the Order’s Motherhouse at the old Alliance capital of Lordaeron now known as Undercity. Although uncertain what to do with the child, Unleashed brought the child to the attention of the Council and disclose the information he found with the child. Disturbed with the information and the true identity of the child, the Council wanted to return the child back to its rightful parents, but Council Master, Master Baldur, Paladin Master of the Path of Light disagreed with the Council’s decision with returning the child back to the parents as it might cause a conflict between the family and the people involved.
After much debate and argument it was decided that the child would be kept in custody and in protection by the Order until the child’s coming of age when the Council will decided what to do with him. Everyone on the Council agreed with the exception that parents would be told in secret about the whereabouts of the child and to determine if the parents knew the fate of their child.

Baldur, his apprentice Lightstorm along with few others including Mage Apprentice Unleashed, visited the parents of the child and discussed about whether or they knew about the whereabouts of their missing child.
The father knew, but the mother did not as she thought to believe that the child died at childbirth and that only one child survive during the ordeal. Baldur disclosed to them that they have found the child and decide to keep the child safe until the coming of age and determine if the child is ready to return to his parents. Baldur also discussed whether or not the parents knew about a fate the child holds. Although confused about the fate Baldur referred to, the Paladin Master only disclosed to them that they have found disturbing fact about the child and decided to keep the fact secret until a certain time until both child, parents and family are ready to accept the information they would received.

Twenty years later, the Council headed by Council Head Masters Unleashed and Lightstorm have gathered together to discuss matters of State and the Path of Light’s future intentions.

“Does he know anything about his past?” asked Paladin Master Jacomb, “is it wise to tell him of his identity?”
“He knows nothing” said Head Master Unleashed, “and it shall remain so, until he is ready”
“But you agreed that when he reaches to his coming of age, he would be told everything about his past and he is to choose his fate as to whether he will stay with the Order or leave to his own fate”
“We cannot risk him leaving” said Priest Master Ghostwell, “after the betrayal and the fall of the Alliance capital, we cannot reveal his true identity. We cannot risk further to what we know”
“Have we inform the ruling monarchs about this?” asked Rogue Master Ettubrute, “we do know that withholding such vital information could jeopardise the very lives of everyone in both the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, if we”
“We are fully aware of the risk and consequences” interrupted Head Master Lightstorm, “the ruling Heads of State, Lady Jaina Proudmoore, King Magni Bronzebeard, King Anduin Wrynn and Highlord Bolvar Fordragon have been brought to a secret council and talks are in the process as to what are we to do with the fate of the man”
“You invited that boy Wrynn to the council!?” said Warrior Master Kartan, “that boy cannot understand what is going on!”
“On the contrary” said Druid Master Aloani, “I have met the young King of Azeroth, although he is the Head of State and Bolvar is acting as regent til the child comes of age. He shows intelligence which most people would not expect to see. Even I was caught unaware of his canny ability”
“So he fully comprehends of the magnitude of the situation?” asked Kartan
“Oh quite well” nodded Unleashed, “we have met with the young King on numerous times and the boy shows intelligence for someone his age. I think we have to keep a watchful eye on the child too. With a child like him and carefully nurtured, he can be a very wise and just King”
“So what is the decision of the Council?” asked Hunter Master Hennyancoke, “are we not to tell him about his past?”
“Not just yet” said Lightstorm, “at this stage we are to agree that we withhold the information until a later date. He is not ready and we still need more information about the fate”
“What information?” said Kartan, “the Order has one of the most extensive archives to date, other than the Night Elves Archives of Darnassus and the Great Dwarven Library of Ironforge. What other information do we need?!”
“There is still two other possible libraries that has not been searched for the information we need” said Warlock Master Sanga, “one is the Ancient Library of Dire Maul guarded by the Elven Lorekeepers..”
“And the other?” asked Ettubrute. Sanga took a deep breathe as he hesitated to answer it.
“The second library is almost beyond our reached as it is housed at one of the oldest lost cities known in the Eastern Kingdoms. It is blocked by a force of the, undead, trolls, orcs, ogres and minions of the Burning Legion that not even the combine forces of the Alliance can break through to reach it”
“You are not serious to what I am thinking?” said Jacomb, “that Library was destroyed along with the rest of the entire Kingdom!”
“Apparently it is not” said Unleashed, “the library was kept intact for some reason. We have to get to Lordaeron and find what we need”
“Lordaeron” sighed Ghostwell, “it has been many years since I have heard that name”
“Yes” agreed Lightstorm, “it has been a while since we referred it as Lordaeron. But now we know as Undercity”

Two Days Later
Stormwind City - Trade District

“Come back you little thief!” yelled the guard as he chase Tyler past the busy crowd. Tyler ran, swerved, turned and jumped over barrels, past people, carts, horses and cows through the cobbles streets of the Trade District. He thought he would not be spotted when he picked the bread roll from the baker’s trolley. Grinning to himself, Tyler running almost reaches to his secret alleyway, turns around to see if the guard was chasing him turns back crashing into the arms of a taller man.
“Where do you think you are going little one?” said the man, Tyler looked up, expecting to see face to face with another Stormwind Guard but instead he was looking into the eyes of a Night Elf.
“What are you holding in your hand boy?” asked the Night Elf, Tyler wide eye never seen a Night Elf letting one meet one in the flesh. The Night Elf looked down past the child’s face and saw the loaf of bread, looking back at the child and a bemused smile appeared on the Night Elf’s face, “hungry are you child?” Tyler could only nod as he could not reply to the question.
“Ah found you, you little thief!” said the Stormwind Guard as he finally caught up with Tyler, “now I am going to..” the guard stopped as he saw the Night Elf with Tyler and quickly stood to attention, “Sir Raeln, I did not know you have returned from Plaguelands Campaign” said the guard. Raeln, Night Elf of Darnassus, Officer of the Alliance Armies merely nodded to the guard, “I have return to report to the Highlord and to my Order on our progress with the Argent Dawn”
“I believe the fight with the Undead is not going as well as most people expected Sir?” asked the guard
“That is classified Sergeant” said Raeln, “but the Alliance and the Argent Dawn are doing their best for the people of this world. Now Sergeant, what is the matter with this child?”
“Um the child was caught stealing a loaf of bread” said the Sergeant, as he turned around to see the baker finally catching up to them, “I have been chasing the little thief”
“I see” said Raeln, “good baker, I am guessing that this is the boy that stole from your stand?”
“Yes, yes sir” said the baker as he noticed the Night Elf with the small thief
“How much is that loaf good baker?” asked Raeln
“Um it was about 10 copper pieces sir” said the baker. Raeln reached into his belt pouch and pulled out a couple of silver coins and gave them to the baker “I believe that this should cover the lost and everything”
“Um, um thank you sir” stutter the baker, as he looked in amazement at the coins in his hand, “Bless you sir” bowing to the Night Elf and to the Sergeant and headed back to the main Trade District region, “the child sir?” asked the Sergeant
“Leave him” said Raeln, “I will deal with the child myself. You can return to your duties Sergeant..?”
“Hanson sir” bowing Sergeant Hanson
“Thank you Sergeant. I will inform the Commander of the City Guard of your good work and to be commended”
“Thank you sir, thank you very much” saluted Hanson and headed back to the patrolling district. Raeln watched as the Sergeant left and then turned to face the child.
“Now what am I going to do with you child?” asked Raeln
“Please sir, don’t turn me in to the City Guard” said Tyler, “I promise I won’t steal again. Thank you for saving me from the Guard sir”
“Oh I don’t think a thank you will be enough” said Raeln, “I might have some use for you child. But in the meantime I have matters to attend. I will leave you some people first”

* * *​

Stormwind Citadel

“So it seems that the Argent Dawn is holding its position well at Light Hope” said Highlord Bolvar, Regent Lord of Stormwind, “after this time I am surprise that the Horde are working with us in this fight”
“You do know that the Horde despised the Scourge and the Burning Legion as much as we do” said Paladin Knight Jerek, “the Alliance needs the Horde as much as they need us to keep them at bay. The Plaguelands is one of the most hated regions of the known realms. You know that”
“I know Jerek, but it is just too tense to have the Horde working with us like this since the War of the Burning Legion”
“You do not need to remind me” said Jerek stiffly, “I do not like the situation, with the tentative truce we have in the Plaguelands. I wanted to rid this world of the Horde, but my old mentor told me to give the newly formed Horde a chance to redeem themselves”
“Your mentor was a valued friend to the Order is he not?” asked Raeln, “it is such a heavy heart to lose him in the war”
“It was, but it is only the genorosity of the Highlord and my mentor’s will that I be made Alliance’s Liaison to the House Guilds”
“You could have stayed the Order” said Raeln, “we could have finished your training with the Paladin Master or he could have appointed you a new mentor”
“I could, but after losing him I don’t feel it was right and not ready yet. Maybe one day after I finish my duties I might return. Speaking of which Sir Raeln, your Guild High Council has requested for you to meet with them within the hour. I am guessing they would also like to hear your report as well”
“Thank you. I will see to the Council then” Raeln saluted and left the meeting chambers.
“What do you think?” asked Bolvar turning to Jerek, “do we have a chance to remove the threat from the Lordaeronian realm”
“The Plaguelands Highlord” corrected Jerek, “the realm of Lordaeron does not exist any more as much does the return of Lord Lothar”
“I’m sorry I sometimes think of the once peaceful lands I once lived 15 years ago”
“I know it is hard to think of it as otherwise but you know that that place will never be the same ever again”
“I know I sometimes wish I wonder why I offered my services to the King and to the Noble’s Council”
“You cannot blame yourself for the fall” said Jerek, “noone expected it and noone knew it would come to it”
“But after this long, I can’t believe in a short time span of less than 20 years we have seen more war and destruction than all the known Kingdoms put together”
“The wars are the least of our problems” said Jerek, “there is another matter which we need to discuss”
“What could be more important than the stability of the existence of the known world”
“How about the Ruler of Stormwind?”
“What about Anduin?” asked Bolvar
“I was not referring to the child” said Jerek, “I have some disturbing news about THE ruler of Stormwind”
“You don’t mean?” said Bolvar, Jerek nodded. “We may have found information about his father. From the looks of our intelligence and archives, it does not look good”


Rear Admiral
Chapter Two

Lions Pride Inn - Goldshire

“Ah I am sure getting use to these beers” said Sahtra
“Don’t drink too much” said Lizbeth, “the last time you drank too many was at your graduation function at the Chapterhouse. You and some of the Order’s new recruits made quite a mess”
“But we were just having fun” said Sahtra, “besides you had a few drink yourself?”
“Yes but we Night Elves have a slightly higher tolerance than humans when drinking alcohol”
Sahtra and Lizbeth continue to talk when they noticed a gnome entered the inn. Although no one recognised the gnome, Lizbeth and Sahtra did as they saw the small insignia pendant the gnome was around it’ neck. It was a messenger from the Path of Light.
“Mistress, I have orders from you from the Council” said the gnome as he passed a scroll to the Night Elf
“Thank you” replied Lizbeth, “did they say what it was about?”
“No. The Council has provided all the necessary details in the scroll. I must take my leave Mistress; the Council has other tasks for me”
“Very well, thank you”

* * *​

Later that evening…

They were in their shared rooms looking over the scroll which they received from the messenger, Sahtra read it and was not too happy about the contents and passed it back to Lizbeth.
“Are you sure you are reading this right?” ask Sahtra, “We are to help with Marshal Dughan? Damn I would have thought we would be going on some grand adventure. Not some minor housekeeping duties against some brigands and thieves”
“You fail to understand human Paladin” said Lizbeth, “Our mandate states that the Order was provide all aid, no matter how small and insignificant which in the end affects everything and everyone”
“Yeah, yeah I know” said Sahtra, “I just hoped we would do something like at the Searing Gorge or the Burning Steppes”
“I think you are quite not ready for” said Lizbeth, “you may show great talents and skills. You are not experienced enough and ready for the greater tasks for those regions. Already Alliance forces are having much difficulty dealing with the Dragon and Demon Spawns, even the Blackrock Orcs that still remain a threat to both sides of the Horde and Alliance faction”
“I suppose so” said Sahtra, “well I suppose we see what this Dughan wants tomorrow”

The following morning…

“They have becoming more aggressive with their attacks and the troops are spread out too far out here in Elwynn” said Marshal Dughan, Commander of the Elywnn Forces, “We cannot spare anymore forces from the border forces”
“I understand” said Lizbeth, “the Council has informed me of the situation at hand and we are ready to provide assistance to the Alliance”
“Yes I have been informed that you would be able to help us”
“So what would you like us to help with?” asked Sahtra
“At this stage, my forces have secured all the outlying districts of Elwynn” said Dughan, “the only concern is the increase of Gnoll activities near the border of Elwynn and Westfall. Reports have come in Defias forces present near the border possibly in Westfall itself. At this stage I think we need you to go to Westbrook Garrison and speak to my Lieutenant, Deputy Rainer. He sends reports of strange Gnoll activities and says that Defias forces are present near their area. See to Rainer and see what help you can provide”
“Well we better get started then” said Sahtra, “the outpost is about half a day’s travel. We better get to our mounts Lizbeth”

Somewhere else from a distance…

“Are you sure about this?” asked Lizbeth, “Edwin Van Cleef is still alive and is hiding in the deadmines?”
“There is no doubt about it” said Sahtra, “I was able to get some of the information from

The Night Elf and Human were talking to the man known as Dughan. He knew that his master wanted to know about the whereabouts of the two, especially the human his master seem to be so curious about.
What is so special about that human thought Goldtooth. All human were all the same, pale skin, different hair, different height, all hideous looking to him and can’t find what is so fascinating about them. But then his master was offering him great wealth and fortune. Knowing that he has all the information he has gathered he carefully moved from his hiding spot in Goldshire and headed south to the mines where he made his dwelling, but along the way he needs to stop to the cave his master told him to meet when he has gathered all the information he gathered.
Having one last look at the two, Goldtooth turn around and headed off south from the town heading to the cave.

* * *​

“So you have seen them?” said the man
“Yes master, Night Elf and Human I saw, at the town they were. I saw them both talking to the man Dughan” replied Goldtooth
“Did they spot you?” asked the man
“No master” said Goldtooth, “See me they did not. Goldtooth knows how to hide from others. Goldtooth smarter than Human and Night Elf.”
“Very good” smiled the man, “tell me everything you have seen and heard” Goldtooth then told the man over the next 15 minutes all the information he gather about the Night Elf and Human, leaving no details behind.
“Is Master happy with Goldtooth work?” asked the Kobold
“Yes I am happy” said the man as he turned around and headed out of the cave
“Master, promise me reward you did” said the Kobold as he chased after the man and managing to grab on hold on to the man’s cloak.
“Ah yes your reward” said the man and turned around and looked at the Kobold, “you have served me well Goldtooth. You have done me a great service. You shall have your reward” the man put out his hand out to Goldtooth, his palm facing the snout of the Kobold, “prepare to receive your reward” in an instant a bright flash of light erupted from the man’s hand engulfing both the Kobold and the man. The light was so bright that Goldtooth had to shield his eyes.

When the light slowly faded away, Goldtooth open his eyes and saw him encased in some kind of giant crystal. His master was on the other side of the crystal, both of them still within the cave.
“Master my reward?” asked the Kobold, “where is it, my reward?”
“Oh don’t you mind” chuckled the man, “this is your reward. Unfortunately you know too much and I will see to it that no one knows about what you learned”
“But Goldtooth loyal to you master” whimpered the Kobold, “Me no tell others”
“I know you will” said the man and then suddenly the man vanished in a blink of an eye.
Goldtooth looked around in the crystal he was in. It looked sturdy and hard. If it was sturdy and hard, it could be broken he thought as he pulled out his pick axe and tried to hit it. His axe bounced off the crystal leaving no mark or scratch. Goldtooth looked around him at the crystal.
“Get out I must” said the Kobold, as he looked around, slowly he noticed something. The crystal was shrinking around him. Goldtooth started to panic, he begins to swing his axe harder at the crystal and faster hoping to crack the crystal, but the crystal was continue to shrink, getting smaller and smaller inside.

No one could hear the screams that were coming out from the cave, as it was muffled from the crystal Goldtooth was encased in. The screams continue further, crushing the Kobold inside until it stopped suddenly. The crystal stopped shrinking once the Kobold was dead, with the subtle and occasional twitching of the dead body; the crystal vanished with the body inside, leaving no trace of Goldtooth whatsoever.

* * *​

“What do you think is going on about this Defias problem?” asked Sahtra, “I thought the brigands and thieves are the last thing, the Alliance would consider them as a problem”
“I guess that we may be wrong” said Lizbeth, “if memory serves me right the leader of the Defias is led by a veteran of Second War after the Alliance was about to defeat the Horde. This person help to rebuild Stormwind and something happen after that that is all I know”
“Oh well, we will see what Rainer wants once we reach the garrison outpost” said Sahtra

* * *​

“….maybe wrong, but if memory serves me right the leader of the Defias…” he watched the Night Elf and Man through his crystal globe, watching their movement and listening to their conversation, smiling to himself the man chuckled and watched pair headed to what possibly their death.

* * *​

Path of Light Fatherhouse
Somewhere in Stormwind

The Council members were gathering around a large table with a huge map of Eastern Kingdoms, a few of the members were gathered around a more detail map of Elwynn and Westfall
“Have they left Goldshire already?” asked Unleashed as he looked on detail map of Elwynn-Westfall
“Yes they are heading towards near the border of Elywnn and Westfall” said Ettubrute, “not even our fastest messenger runners could get there in time. We don’t even have any of Master Sanga’s Warlocks present anywhere near them to summon a portal to reached them”
“I guess we have to do it the old fashion way” said Unleashed
“Bad timing I suppose” said Sanga, “if we knew that the Defias are were going to be there, I could have sent a Warlock to summon more people”
“We can’t summon any more people” said Lightstorm, “we are already having people assigned to tasks and we cannot afford to dispatch more people already as it is”
“Are our two selected groups ready to head to Dire Maul and Undercity?” asked Ghostwell
“The Undercity group is not ready” said Unleashed, “we are awaiting the return for two more Paladins who will return from their campaign in the Plaguelands. In the meantime I will lead the group to Dire Maul and speak to the Shen’dralar”
“You must be joking” said Aloani, “you cannot go Unleashed. You have your responsibility here at the Fatherhouse”
“True,” replied the Council leading member, “but we are in a very critical situation and we have to find out as much as we can. I am going to Dire Maul and I will speak to Prince Tortheldrin and his Lorekeepers. Hopefully they might share some light and maybe some more information about what we know”
“I hope the Shen’dralar have the information we need” said Aloani, “because I don’t wish to send our adventurers to Undercity”
“If worse come to worse, we may have to” said Sanga as he turned around from the map wall, “we have to explore the possibility that we may have to risk our lives for this matter”
“I don’t like it” said Aloani, “Not at all”


Rear Admiral
Chapter Three

Path of Light Fatherhouse

The council members gathered around the maps trying to determine what would be their next course of action.
“Are you sure there is no way to get in touch with the touch, before reaching to Westfall?” asked Aloani, “I don’t really like this that we are going in blind with no information whatsoever”
“We have to risk it” says Kartan, “Hopefully Gryan Stoutmantle and Captain Danuvin could provide some insights onto the whereabouts and situation about this Defias Brotherhood. In the meantime we have to send some people in to help to investigate about this Defias Brotherhood; it might help explain some of the strange movements of people in different position within the Alliance”
“Ettubrute, has there been any reports from your operatives?” asked Lightstorm
“None that we can find” replied the Rogue Master, “I am going to speak with people from SI 7 and find out what we know, but we are drawing blanks”
“Keep trying” said the Council Headmaster, “we will do what we can now. Who do we have available?”
“Raeln is still here” said Kartan, “would you like him to aid them?”
“No” said Master Unleashed, “he is still needed in the Plaguelands. I have received reports of rogue Horde forces trying to put a foothold in the region. From what we can tell, Thrall has told Lady Proudmoore that those rogue units are not working for him and are considered renegades. He is currently investigating the matter and sees what is happening. Proudmoore is also sending operatives as well to see to it. Raeln may be needed to help with the Alliance in the Plaguelands and the Argent Dawn has sent a letter of Commendation for his past efforts. Kartan please inform him to return to the Plaguelands with Argent Dawn and the Alliance Contingent.”
“Who are we able to send then instead?” asked Aloani
“Hmm isn’t your friend Neoamor return from Kalimdor?” asked Sanga “If I recall he was help with the resettlement of Night Elf refugees in Darkshore and Ashenvale?”
“Yes actually he did” said the Druid Mistress, “he returned about a day ago. He is still in Stormwind. I think I last hear he just headed to the Cathedral of Light to speak with the Archbishop”
“Very well” said Unleashed, “inform Neoamor to head to Westfall and try to catch up wit Lizbeth and Sahtra and assist them with their investigation. I am going to head to Dire Maul to speak with Prince Tortheldrin and his Lorekeepers. I will bring some people with me.”
“Are you sure that is wise to go to Dire Maul?” asked Jacomb, “The Blood Elves abandoned that place after the Wars. I doubt that the Prince and the Lorekeepers would help”
“I have to try” said the Council Master, “there maybe some information we may have missed and we cannot risk seeking the library at Undercity”
“It would be impossible to reach the library at the Undead Capital” said Ghostwell, “That place is a fortress”
“Maybe not” said Ettubrute. The entire Council looked at the Rogue Master as if he just let revealed a secret information
“What do you mean maybe not?” asked Sanga, “Reconnaissance units from Alliance and various factions have searched out the entire region. There is no way in”
“Actually there is one possible way in” said Unleashed with a smile, “Ettubrute and I have been investigating some areas which we have not considered”
“And have you found it?” asked Aloani
“Possibly” said Ettubrute, “Unleashed and I will continue to investigate into the matter further. Until then we are withholding the information until we are sure that we have found what could be the only accessible way into city”

* * *

“Please sir let me come with you” said Tyler as he was escorted out of the orphanage by Raeln; “I promise I won’t get in the way” the Night Elf looked at the young child after he gave his report to Council.
“I might consider it” said the Elven warrior, “you seem to have caught my interest. I think I might have some use for you. I think I might take you to someone who would look after you when I return”
“Return from where?” asked the boy
“Where I go, is of no concern to you child” said Raeln, “where you are going, well I hope you have sturdy shoes. We are going to a nice little place”
“Where to sir?”
“I’m taking you to the Abbey”
“Northshire Abbey child” said Raeln, “I have a friend who owes me a favour. Come I think we need to get you some new walking shoes” both Raeln and Tyler looked down at the shoes the child was wearing, all old, worn and holes in them.

* * *

En route to the border of Elwynn and Westfall.
On approach to Westbrook Garrison

“That’s the third mob of brigands we have come across” said Sahtra as he wiped the blood off his armour and sword, “I am getting a little bit annoyed with these thieves. If I had an army right now I would clear this entire region once and for all”
“Don’t let it get to your head young paladin” said Lizbeth as she lazily scratch behind the ears of her pet while feeding a snack to her mount, “you know as much as everyone else here that this region is filled of thieves, cutthroats, Gnolls, Kobolds and other bad beings. We can only do our best here for the greater good”
“I know” sigh Sahtra, “it’s just I am a bit frustrated with this all. Helping people here and there along the way while we suppose to meet up with Deputy Rainer. I can’t believe we help some women help her find her true love”
“Remember our mandate Sahtra” said Lizbeth, “the Order states we are to help those in need and to the Alliance. You know that rule very well”
“Yes, yes” said the paladin, “it was one of the rules we are taught when we were training at the Order’s Academy Grounds”
“Very good” said Lizbeth, “Besides, I think there is no harm helping a young couple who are deeply in love and need help to avoid complications”
“Yeah, yeah” grumble Sahtra as he adjusted his gear and about to mount his horse when he heard a rustling behind him. Lizbeth turn around in the direction, her pet and mount growled at the bushes.
“Easy there” whispered Lizbeth to her two animals as she slowly drew her bow from her pack, while Sahtra moved up front drawing his sword and shield drawn.
“What do you think?” asked Sahtra
“Don’t know” replied the Night Elf, “one way to find out” both the Paladin and Hunter edge slowly towards the rustling noise. Sahtra was in front, sword and shield ready moved closer when all of a sudden a huge brown beast jumped out lashing out at the paladin.

* * *

“Are you sure we cannot persuade you not to go?” asked Lightstorm, “It is still too dangerous. The last scouts we sent barely made it back alive”
“I know of your concern, friend” smiled Unleashed, “but I have been here in Stormwind for the last four months and that is long enough for me. Besides I could use the travelling exercise and my spells are a little bit rusty”
“Very well. How are you planning to travel to region?”
“I will travel to Ironforge via the Tram Line with a couple of people and meet up with people at the Dwarven Capital”
“Will you speak to Bronzebeard?” asked Lightstorm referring to the Dwarven King
“Yes, I will keep him appraise of the situation at hand. In the meantime use what resources and information we have here and find out what we can find out about our special friend and the fate”

* * *


Rear Admiral
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Chapter 4

“You will bow to my will!” said the demon, “you will do as I bid”
“Never!” screamed Sethos, “I will never succumb to your powers!”
“Refuse me, then die shall the people you once knew!”

* * *

Richard deflected the fireballs with his frost-bolts. The attacks were getting stronger and it would be a matter of time before his defences would slip. He had to do something if he was to save the young mage.
“Sethos stop this madness!” pleaded Richard, “I can help you control the demon within you”
“The man you know no longer exists” laughed Sethos, only that it was no longer Sethos voice, but a voice he had not heard for many years.
“You!” said Richard, his jaw dropped at the sound of the new voice, “I thought you were banished!?”
“Was banished” said the voice, “now I have found a way to come back and I have to thank you for this new body” the demon’s voice chuckled, “I am going to enjoy this new body and this new found power this young man has”
“Not if I have anything to do with it” said Richard as he unleashed a new wave of frost attacks at the demon who now possessed Sethos

* * *

He sat there crying, cradling the limp body of his dead father, “What have I done!” cried Sethos, “What has become of me!”
“Excellent” chuckle the Demon, “you are becoming a true servant of the Legion. My Lord’s will be pleased” at the mention of the Legion, flashbacks of the Third War, the War with the Burning Legion appeared back in Sethos’ mind. Many lives were lost, defending their homes, their families, their country, their world, their existence.
He remembered Richard’s first teachings when he was brought to Dalaran.
Life is precious and important to us all. Protect life and you will earn its love and respect said Richard, Sacrifice must be made to save all those who we love. We treasure all those moments, those memories that are dear to us.
What war has taught us, is to defend against the greater evil. The evil, which would consume us.
Looking back at the demon and back at his father, Sethos stood up picking up the sword with a grim determination.
“So you are ready to join us?” asked the Demon
“No” said Sethos, “I’m ready to end your existence”

* * *

Somewhere in the region of Feralas

“No!” Sethos cried out. The same nightmare again, they kept coming back to him over and over again. Every time he sleeps the nightmare returns, the horror returns, the past he wish never happen.
“Another bad dream lad?” asked the Dwarven Hunter, Ivan, the mage nodded, “I never seen anyone experience such a bad dream in their life that affects both past and present”
“It is something I wish to forget” said Sethos, “but the memory is still there and I wish to forget it but I can’t”
“I understand” said the Ivan, “when I lost my love, memories of her keep flooding back to me. Some good ones, some bad and I wish some of them never return, but dreams and memories come back for a reason”
“And that is”
“To remind us of whom we are and why we strive forward not backwards”
“Is that why you won’t return to Ironforge?” asked Sethos. Ivan was silent pondering what to say
“It has been too long since I stood before the Halls of the great Mountain Kings” said the hunter, “I miss the beer, the roast on spit, the songs the Dwarven warriors sing at night, everything. But I don’t regret leaving my capital. I left for a reason and now I seek a new beginning”
“I suppose that we all have to..” Sethos was about to finish his sentence when he stopped midway,
“Laddie? Are you alright”
“I think someone is trying to contact me” said the mage as he went over to backpack and pulled out a crystal orb. Placing both hands on the orb, Sethos closed his eyes and focus on the person trying to contact him.
Ivan watched the young mage working on the orb wondering what was going on. He was about to say something when the orb slowly began to emit a slow blue glow, then the inside of the orb began to get cloudy and vanished and he could see another man’s face within the orb
“Bah Sanga it is you” grumbled Ivan, “I thought it was someone important”
“Nice to see you too” chuckled the Warlock Master, “Sethos good to see you too alive and well”
“And you Master Sanga” replied Sethos, who was also looking into the orb, “what can we do for you?”
“We have encountered a problem and will need all available people within reach of Feralas”
“Well you are lucky” said Ivan “we have only entered into the bloody region two days ago and saw nothing but those bloody harpies and them dragon kin”
“Nothing which you can’t handle I assume?” asked Sanga
“And without much mess left behind” countered the Dwarf
“One day you and I will have to settle this matter”
“A mug of ale and roast back at the Fatherhouse?”
“Maybe one day. Now to matters at hand. We dispatched a group to travel to Dire Maul and speak to Prince Tortheldrin and his Lorekeepers. Somehow they got separated and we have lost contact with their mage. We would like you to go and find them and assist them in whatever way possible”
“A rescue mission?” said Ivan, “ah nothing like us two to come in and save the day”
“Ivan, this is very important” said Sanga, “the nature of this mission is of upmost importance and the meeting with the Lorekeepers are vital to the guild and to the Alliance. It is imperative that we know of the whereabouts of the group and need to know if they have arrived to ancient library without harm.”
“Understood” said Sethos, “what was the last known contact?”
“The last contact was when the group informed us that they were at least one days travel away from the Dire Maul. So they could be coming from any direction”
“Hmm from our present spot, it would take another two days travel” said Sethos
“Unless we hard travel it” said Ivan, “Sanga we will find your group and report back once we make contact”
“Very good. We will hear from you soon” replied the Warlock and the image from the orb vanished, leaving only a clear crystal ball within Sethos hands.
“Well I guess our holiday is over?” said Ivan as he started packing his rucksack.
“We were on holidays?” asked Sethos
“Anywhere not in Ironforge is a holiday laddie” replied the Dwarf, “anywhere but Ironforge is a holiday”


Rear Admiral
Chapter Five

Silently he watched the guards walked pass. Ettubrute should never give him this assignment. Of all the rogues, the Rogue Master gave this assignment to him.
“Damn him” growled Sinnocent as he slowly moved on through the Undead trading centre. With the help of the guild’s alchemists they were able to concoct an potion that improves his stealth capabilities making him almost impossible to detect except for the more experience rogues and other adventurers.
Time and time again Sinnocent always prefer running over to the Blasted Lands and meeting up with his other fellow Order members helping fighting the Demons and followers who still supported the Burning Legion. He hated being assignment to surveillance assignments, but then someone had to do the boring and hard tasks and Sinnocent was considered one of the more gifted people.

Creeping past, what believe to be the central banking station of the Undercity, memories begin to flood back to him about the history of the once great kingdoms of the Eastern Kingdoms. Lordearon the second jewel of the Eastern Realms, the kingdom to be consider the greatest ever built along par with Azeroth and the remnants of the Arathi Brotherhood.
Sinnocent was watching many of the Orcs, Trolls and other minions walking around until he spotted a peculiar group of Horde heading to a different direction.
Pulling out a small make-shift telescope he carefully watched the group. Six in total, one Orc, two trolls, 2 Taurens, 1 Undead and one could have been a Blood Elf. Although they looked like any other beings, what stood out from this group they were wearing a tabard all to familiar, an image of a flaming sword. The Burning Blade.
This must be them thought Sinnocent as he quickly moved up to follow the group, avoiding being detected by the guards and sniffer hounds that patrol the entire city.

* * *

Somewhere Un’Goro Crater

Peace it was all that surrounds him. Weis enjoy the outdoors more ever than being anywhere else.
Sitting down overlooking from Marshall’s Refuge, he could see many of creatures and other beasts that roam throughout the entire region. In the distance he could barely see the great fire mountain and the smoke that was coming out of the middle. Kratz his pet was sleeping next to him. Everything seems to be well when suddenly something inside him was warning him of something.
Years of being in the wild and of training had prepared him to be cautious. Something was wrong.
“Kratz!” his pet suddenly woken up, knowing what his master wants looked around as if someone or thing was trying to attack his master.
“Something is not right” muttered Weis. Suddenly the sky above went dark clouds could be seen forming around parts of the sky. Looking back he could see many of the locals who made a Marshall Refuge a small trading post were looking around wondering what was going on. Humans, Goblins, Trolls, Taurens and other beings were looking up, shouting, pointing up to the sky fearing as if something dreadful was going to attack them.
“Must go and see the Warchief” said Weis as he ran to the stable master and picked up his Raptor Mount, “hmm Ogrimmar. Time to see the Warchief”

* * *

Sentinel Hill – Westfall

“Damn they are coming from everywhere!” said Sahtra as he pulled his sword out of the back from one of the Defias henchmen while Lizbeth shot down a fleeing bandit.
“Agreed” replied the Night Elf, “there numbers seems endless, it almost appear that they spawn from the earth itself”
“I don’t frankly care at this moment Lizbeth” said Sahtra as he turn to see more Defias coming out from the tree lines, “where are those militias Gryan promised!?”
“Patience, they will come”
“Patience was never a strong point”
“From a Paladin?” said Lizbeth “surely you jest? Paladins are devoted to patience and humility?”
“Yeah, but at this stage my patience is running thin” said Sahtra as he adjusted his shield strap on his arm, “right now we have more pressing needs that having patience. I don’t think those Defias have to wait for me to fight. You cat go get ‘em!” referring to Lizbeth’s pet Dawson.
The white sabre tiger looked at the Paladin weird and back to the hunter, wondering who he should listen to, “Do friend” said Lizbeth, “we have duties to perform” Dawson let out a friendly purr and turn to facing the oncoming Defia’s brigands. Letting out a huge roar the tiger rushed forward scaring a few of the brigands, many fearing to meet their fate at the end of a tiger’s claw. Others unfazed by the tiger’s approached continued to rush forward.
Drawing back on her bow, Lizbeth was about to let loose a volley into the group of brigands, when a huge bright light blinded her forcing her to shoot the arrow off target and into the air. Datangia covered his eyes away from the sudden bright light from where the brigands.

What seems like forever was no more than a few seconds, the light gradually subsided and both Sahtra and Lizbeth open their eyes to see the group of the brigands sprawled all over the ground dead. Amongst the dead brigands was a robed man standing not far from the bodies scratching behind the ears of Dawson who was quite enjoying the attention he was getting.
“I’m sorry there” said the man, “I guess I should have warned you I was going to send a blasted to that group. But then I should have tried contact you I was coming”
“Who are you” grumbled Sahtra, as he and Lizbeth approached the man, “we were doing alright til you arrived”
“Paladin, this is Neoamor. Mage and member of the Order” said Lizbeth “it is good to see you again Neoamor. You finished with the evacuation of the refugees to Darkshore and Ashenvale?”
“Yes” replied the mage, “I have received word that you might need help here in Westfall. Masters Aloani and Unleashed have informed me of this so called Defias Brotherhood you are investigating and I have come here as quickly I could”
“Much appreciated” said Sahtra as he hooked his mace behind his back, “did you travel here from Kalimdor?”
“No friend Sahtra. I came in from Stormwind after meeting with the Archbishop at the Cathedral of Light to give me details of the events that took place at Kalimdor.
“We thank you for your assistance” said Lizbeth, “it has been three months and still we have not found any leads on about this Defias threat”
“There is one lead I might know” said Neoamor, “there has been rumours circulating of a Defias brigand who has turned against his former gang of cutthroats and providing information to Stoutmantle and Captain Danuvin. We might go and ask the Militia leader about this”
“Onwards then my friends” said Sahtra in a strange tone “Our work here is done. Rest we will need now. The blood and sweat of thieves on me sickens me” Neoamor and Lizbeth looked at each curious at the sudden change in Sahtra behaviour as they followed the paladin back to the town centre.

* * *
Sinnocent could not believe what he was seeing. It was not possible to see the three major faction leaders together for a meeting. The last time the three leaders gathered was during the time of the Burning Legion Invasion, since then there has been little communication with the three leaders apart from the two of the three. He must inform the Alliance and the Order.

Sinnocent turned around from his hiding spot when he was suddenly met with blackness.
* * *


Rear Admiral
Chapter Six

He could feel something or someone kicking against his side.
“Stupid creatures you are” grunted a deep guttural voice, “Wake up you pest!”
Sinnocent tried to open his eyes only to be met with darkness. Gradually Sinnocent was able to adjust his eyes to his surroundings.
From where he could see, it looked like that he is in some kind of prison cell. The dark cell he was in, ranked with decay and sweat of the previous occupant. In one corner he could see what looks like the skeletal remains of who could be the last occupants before him. He could not who it was but from the looks of the skeleton, the person had a difficult time surviving in the cell.
“You like your new home pest” said the voice behind, trying to get up, the rogue found himself tied up with his hands bound behind him and his feet tied together.
“Foul creature how dare you enter the realm of our Lady Sylvannas!” said the unknown voice, Sinnocent turned his body around and face his captor.
Behind dress in black leather tunic and hosing, an Undead guardsman was standing above him with an evil grin, “how many are you?” asked the guardsman, Sinnocent did not reply.
Angry for not replying the guardsman picked up Sinnocent by the scruff his tunic collar and lifted him up by his arm and question the rogue again, “Who sent you pest and how many are there?!” Sinnocent still did not respond the guardsman. Angry with the lack of cooperation, the guardsman threw and punch at Sinnocent with his other arm hurling the rogue across the cell, slamming against the wall.
Sinnocent let out a loud gasp as he felt sharp pain rushed through his entire body as it slammed against the stone hard wall.
“There’s more where that came from if you don’t answer my question” said the guardsman as he walked over to Sinnocent, “now tell me again. Who sent you and how many are there if you?” again Sinnocent refused to answer, “Well then it seems I have to teach you some manners shall we?” said the guardsman as he walked over and picked the rogue up again, “now I am going to give you another chance pest”
“That will be enough guardsman” said a voice behind them, turning around the guardsman saw who it was talking to him as did Sinnocent. Behind them was another Undead, but his attire was different.
What the guardsman was wearing was leather, this other Undead was wearing a red coloured plate armour and Sinnocent knew that there was only kind of Undead people that wears that kind of plate armour. The Royal Elites.
“I will take the prisoner guardsman” said the Royal Elite, “I will continue with the questioning”
“But sir” replied the guardsman, “I have not finishing interrogating the intruder”
“You have now” said the Royal Elite, “Our Lady will speak to the intruder”
“The Lady Sylvannas wants to see the intruder?” stuttered the guardsman, completely caught off guard at the mention of the Forsaken Leader.
“Yes and she would like to see the Intruder now”

* * *​

He was an accomplished rogue having the best training from the Rogue Master Ettubrute and from the trainers fro SI7, Sinnocent still does not want to take the chance of taking on six of the Royal Elites. These were the elite warriors of the Forsaken and they were considered the most feared warriors through the known realms.
Sitting on a stone bench, Sinnocent looked around the large antechamber he was in with the six Elites all watching him carefully with their weapons drawn.
“So this is the intruder our guards have intercepted” said a svelte female voice, turning towards the direction of the voice, Sinnocent saw a female banshee, but not any banshee. This one had near physical form she was wearing some kind of leather armour and thin gold wire crown of some sort around her head. It was obvious from the way she walked towards him with grace and with authority that this being was Sylvannas, Queen of the Forsaken, enemy to Arthas and to the Burning Legion.

* * *​

Elwynn Forest - Northshire Abbey

“Please sir!” pleaded Tyler, as he and Raeln were walking through the main passage way of Northshire Abbey “Don’t leave me with the monks. Let me come with you I promise I be good!”
“I think not child” said Raeln, “I have a friend here who owes me a favour and I am sure he will look after you. Besides Marshal McBride is a good man and he will treat you well”
“But I don’t want to”
“Enough now” said Raeln as they both walked to the end of the corridor to a large wooden ornate door. To Tyler every door looked the same to him until he noticed the seal of Stormwind’s military Insignia was engraved on the wooden door. “Now just behave and let me do the talking” said the Night Elf as they both entered the room. The room inside was quite large and spacious, along the walls were maps of the surrounding region and other charts. In the centre of the room were three men around a large circular table looking over a map. When Raeln entered, one of the three men, a middle aged man looked up and smiled at the Night Elf, “Raeln, you devil you! How are you” walking around the table towards the Night Elf.
“Greetings McBride, it is good to see you again” smiled Raeln as he shook hands with the human, “I see that they promoted you to Marshal”
“Yeah they did” replied McBride, “although I must admit, I prefer serving at the front lines, Commander of my own company fighting the Burning Legion. Now they put me in charge of a small garrison of troops protecting a region of land owned by a bunch of grumpy old men”
“You can’t have everything my friend” said Raeln, “you did your duty and you needed time away from the front lines”
“Bah send my back to Silithus where the action is” grunted McBride, “this is not place for an active soldier. Ah enough said, what can I do for you”
“Well I have a small favour to ask of you” said Raeln as McBride noticed the young child who was standing a fair way behind the Night Elf.
“When did you have a kid Raeln?” asked McBride, “he don’t even look elf-kind”
“Oh a child I found roaming the streets”
“A thief?” asked McBride suspiciously
“An orphan” said the Night Elf, “I would like you to look after Tyler while I am gone on assignment”
“Hmm I don’t know friend” said McBride, “I got my hands full at the moment as it is. We are getting an increase infestation of Kobolds around this region and we trying to eliminate them of this region. Not only that we have reports of Defias present here as well. The last thing on my mind is look after some little kid causing me grief and headache”
“See sir” said Tyler, “Mr McBride does not need me and I can looked after myself”
“No!” said Raeln “you are staying here boy! McBride, I’m asking this one favour to you to repay our debt”
“Oh” groaned McBride, “I was afraid of that. I though you would forget that debt”
“Saving your life before being trampled by a stampeding horde of Fel-Demons?” said Raeln, “you think any person would forget something like that?”
“No I suppose not” said McBride with resignation, “Sergeant Collins!” called out the Marshal, seconds later a large burly man with brown bushy hair and full beard enter, “Yes Marshal?” saluted Collins
“Take the lad and found him some quarters” said McBride, “we are temporary looking after this child until further notice. See to it that he has something educational to do to keep him occupied”
“With pleasure sir” smiled Collins as he approached the Tyler, “come on lad, and let me show you around this place” Tyler looked over at Raeln with a look of desperation
“Go child, I promise I will come back for you. In the meantime listen to these men as you would listen to me”, without much choice Tyler slumped his shoulders and followed the sergeant out.
“The boy causing much grief?” asked McBride
“Not at all” said Raeln, “just I see some potential in him”
“A soldier for the Alliance Armies?”
“Maybe, we will see how he progress”
“Where are you heading, may I ask?” asked the Marshal
“Back to the Plaguelands” replied Raeln, “I received orders to continue my assistance with the Argent Dawn and the Alliance fighting against the Burning Legion and Scourge.”
“Ah I wish I was there with you” said McBride, “it sure beats the hell out babysitting old men”
“Maybe one day you might get called back” said Raeln, “until then you have your orders and your duty”
“Yeah, yeah” grumbled McBride, “but when you come back. Our debt is fulfilled”
“Don’t you worry” said the Night Elf with a smile, “I will hold my part of the bargain as long you hold your end of the bargain”
“Sold! Just come back alive”

* * *​