Saga's Kilrathi Ships Put On Display (March 14, 2006)

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Mr. Kat
The WC Saga team has posted a new wallpaper to their website. The 1280x1024 resolution image was designed by gevatter Lars and depicts a Kilrathi battlegroup escorted by Strakha fighters as it approaches what appears to be a jump point.

The Wing Commander Saga team is proud to present a new wallpaper by gevatter Lars!

Kilrathi starships are designed to acheive both lethal functionality and demoralizing psychological impact. This new scene displays the intimidating might of the claw-like Kilrathi capital ships while it simultaneously evokes the pathos of the mysterious and deadly Strahka fighter, whose stealthy ferocity is laid out in stark contrast to the ethereal beauty of deep space.
The WC Saga developers have previously released a number of pretty wallpapers, but I think this one is one of their best so far.

Original update published on March 14, 2006
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Another fine achievement.:) In my humble opinion this wallpaper looks simply fantastic. When you have the time, please do more.
What class is that capital ship in the middle?
It looks like a Bhantkara class but the flight-deck entrance doesn't match with what I know of the class.
Thanks for the compliments.

The ship in the middle is named Fra'lath and is based upon a picture I got from Psych along with another one. Both pics where concept art done by Origin but where not used as far as I know.
For Saga I made both ship classes and Starman added some little extras and textures to them.
Both ships and some discriptions can be found at the Fleet-tactics page.
The above is as said the Fra'lath-class (light cruiser) and the other is the Dubav-class (light carrier).
And here is a shortcut to fleet-tactics Kilrathi-ships page
I was aware of the Dubav-class (I like the agressive spirit it radiates- very apropriate and expertly modeled). However I've only just noticed the Fra'lath-class. They complement eatch other very well. Happy you guys could skeeze them both in your game.
Impressive gentlemen, very impressive.