Saga Download Tally (March 29, 2012)

I wonder if EA itself is also tracking the downloads & using the data themselves to see what kind of interest there is in another space sim. Makes a great marketing tool to see what kind of interest in a forgotten genre there still is. It'd be a nice little tin foil hat thought, hope the numbers suffice in that scenario to see another Chris Roberts WC made.
I'm with AD about hard download numbers. Until there is data, I'd be carefully pulling numbers out. And at the same time, who cares? If it was a labor of love than those numbers shouldn't matter. Be happy it's completed and people are enjoying it.
I definitely care. I think these numbers are very important, and we should be tracking them very carefully. I think we should be making as much noise as possible about the scale of Saga's success. I do not know whether this significantly improves the chances of someone finally making a new game - but it certainly doesn't hurt!
I am with Quarto with that one. Even if it is a labour of love (and a good one), I think the whole community can be proud of those great projects for a dead title. UE, Standoff and Saga are incredible fan-projects and we should be proud of them and highlight them wherever and whenever we can.
My point was to not focus on the number of downloads, but to be proud of the fact that the mod was created in the first place. People shouldn't need to wave the flag and say "look how many times it was downloaded ehhhhh!" They should be going "Look at these Wing Commander mods! They are amazing!" The download numbers being thrown around just don't seem to be based on anything except clicks, which as AD and Kris mentioned isn't a really good way to determine the number of downloads.

I'm just glad to have another project added to the WC mod collection.
I agree, the most important thing is that Wing Commander lives, and it lives through fan projects.

I just wondered whether there was an increase in downloads of UE and Standoff created by the release of Saga, and it makes me happy to hear that this seems to be the case. It means that people not only like Saga because of what it is, but they like Wing Commander.

So it is not only one fan project but it is Wing Commander that is brought back into people's minds, and people talk about Wing Commander. That's what counts more than any number of downloads I think.

EDIT: So basically the number of downloads may not exactly tell us how many people have played Saga but they tell us that there are several thousand people interested on Wing Commander, and if big numbers are the thing people care about, then we should be glad about big numbers because of the effects they could have.
As far as internet connection speeds go. most folks who have DSL in the USA get about 1.5-3 megaBITS per second, but the real limiting factor is not so much your receiving speed as it is the amount of bandwidth the server is willing to spend on transmitting the file to you. In other words, if you are not a high-priority customer, then they are going to take their sweet time sending it.