Russians Playing With Fire (August 24, 2004)


3Map Games development company is pleased to announce that the work on beta of Homeplanet: Play With Fire is complete. The much anticipated Play With Fire is add-on to the original HomePlanet, award winning spacesim of the 2003 year. Players will take a role of young Clan Leader's nephew, who will ensure the security of the new Clan's home planet. The add-on contains not only new storyline, new heroes and space ships, but long awaited multiplayer mode. With the Play With Fire players will be able to challenge their piloting skills battling other players via LAN or Internet.

The company is still looking for a publisher for North America and Europe. More screenshots and a demo can be found on the website. Some of their ships remind me a little of Wing Commander and Freespace designs.

Homeplanet is a classic space combat simulator, based on a real Newtonian physic model. Some similar games: X-Wing series, Wing Commander, Freespace. The gameplay will take approximately 30-40 hours, while the possibility to take alternative missions may extend the time.

Original update published on August 24, 2004