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John Cordell was nice enough to send along an advance copy of the Privateer: Gemini Gold intro movie! He explains:
I've managed to complete the Privateer Gemini Gold HD intro during the last weeks. Indeed I thought I would never find the time to do it but then... and it would be a shame to hold it back until the next version of Gemini Gold is complete, would it? Also there might be some "space" to improve it! I would like to hear your feedback and suggestions about it. But this is also a call for help. If somebody would like to contribute Mr. Burrows i would be more than happy to make him show up again.

Another team member, Don, is already working on the Privateer Outro. But it is too early to show anything yet.. For now, please enjoy the movie and have a nice weekend!
You can download it here (22.6mb).

Original update published on May 1, 2008
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Good work so far.

I really miss having our brown-haired smuggler talking through his teeth. I don't suppose there's any chance of getting him back without a jarring swap to pixilated graphics, is there? Definitely something to look into if you plan on making the whole game HD.

At 1:27 when the Talon takes a faceful of missile... the Talon is too dark. At first I forgot/didn't see there was one there until the missiles exploded. It vanishes too quickly also. There's a perceptible moment where the talon "cloaks" before the missiles explode. Keep it on screen a bit longer so that it's fully engulfed in the explosion before hiding it. The last Talon's timing is a lot better but could still use to hang a tad more as per the second Talon. Is there perhaps a way to make the asteroids fade-in rather than pop-in? Could try that out for the final dialogue in the 'roids.
Is there perhaps a way to make the asteroids fade-in rather than pop-in? Could try that out for the final dialogue in the 'roids.
Yeah, question is if we should show them at all. The original intro only showed us the upper part of the cockpit with the monitor, you didn't see any asteroids.
Do you have the original Burrows sprites? Not the whole sequence but the components. I might look at whether or not I can make some new ones.
Here they are, that should be all:

Looks like the directory is empty.

Strange, they were there on sat :(

Cool intro there, lovin the attention to detail and keeping it in line with the original. Agreeing with the asteroid thing. Although its very retro in-game privateer, having them just pop-in doesnt seem right. If you can spare the time for a little re-render of that section, having the asteroids permanently there or using a distance from camera fade would make it look cool.

Only other things i could may be suggest is possibly add missile trails, make the steltek drones green parts a more vibrant shade of green with some glow and maybe add a shield effect to the drone when the missile hits. Just depends really how far youre willing to stray from the original intro. But in my opinion, adding additional effects only strengthen the new look of Privateer and wouldnt consider it being a big stray if any at all.

Really neat stuff, cant wait to see the outro!

Looks like the directory is empty.

t.c.cgi contacted me and requested the pictures in another format so i removed the first set of pictures posted here.

I take the obvious No1 request "change the asteroid cockpit scene" with me into the next render session and carefully think about the other suggestions.