Requesting Simulator Advice

Death's Head

On level six I got 80 kills and 3 Corvettes then time expires and I apparently failed the mission.

How much more is there to go? Any advice on how to get that far in the time given? And I DON'T mean modify the ship, I don't want to do that.

While I'm at it, on level 4 I got 61 kills how did you guys fair? I guess I should have had more, but it has been a while since I played WCP. I'm considering changing some ships after I beat Prophecy on Nightmare, which may take a while...I tried changing the corvette which didn't work but so when I do finish I plan on switching the cat weapons with bug guns.
I go through WCP on nightmare with no troubles at all, it shouldn't take too long for you to do it as well.

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What an unusual random pointless brag.

The simulator objective is to kill as many enemy fighters in ten minutes -- do that and you 'win'... the more you kill, the more wingmen join you. There's no 'going through' to it...

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yes he does but what I would like to know is on level 6 I get "unfortunatly you have failed this mission...". How many nav points are there?

I think there is an end to that one becuase I vaguely remember seeing it once when I first got prophecy.

At least on level 4 I survive long enough to hear "congratulations you have successfully completed..."

That and is it level 8?, those are the only no end in sight missions I know of.
how so? you're not in space either way, they are both sims and if there is a different feel, maybe it's because of the music, and you can play any tune using moretunes.

I think it is fun playing the levels in almost any ship you want, even the bug and cat fighters.