[REQUEST] WCU Splash Screen

Aron Figaro

Look, the Dorkathra (renamed by me) is the WC3 Kilrathi transport, all I did was name the thing. As for Spiritplumber's Draymaster thingamajig? Ask her. :p


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It physically looked a bit different with the blimp attached.. let me see... Here's something she said.

<spiritplumber> that was supposed to be the tanker version of the WC3 transport

Bandit LOAF

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Aron Figaro said:
Yeah, so instead of transporting cargo containers it's hauling a tank. Is it so hard to believe it can haul fuel?

I, for one, believe that it can haul fuel.

(Because, you know, we see them haul fuel in WC3. There's no change in configuration, though.)