REQUEST: Voice acting!


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With the Prologue campaign finished, we're need more voices to round out our voice talent. Previous voice work for another mod is preferred, but not required. Candidates should be serious and be able to sound like someone in their 20s. Openings are for miscellaneous ships and roles, with a strong emphasis on Confed fighter pilots.

We're also auditioning for a few major roles in the campaign, candidates must sound like an older person in their 30s to 50s

To become a candidate for this process, reply to this thread to officially let us know and then PM or email to for more information.

Then try your luck on these 26 lines. Voice recording should be done in 44 khz mono. I shouldn't say this, but you guys need your own microphone. Please make sure to eliminate breathing into microphone sounds.

You are free to say your interpretation of the theme as long as it doesn't deviate too far.

1) "All fighters are destroyed, area is secure"
2) "Enemy fighters have arrived"
3) "I'm attacking your target"
4) "We're the backup and we've arrived to save your ass"
5) "Bravo Wing here, we've just arrived"
6) "There's a fighter on your six!"
7) "I'm dying!"
8) "Charlie Wing here, we've just arrived"
9) "I'm getting the **** out of here"
10) "I'm disabling your target" (going for engines)
11) "I'm disarming your target" (going for turrets)
12) "I'm breaking formation to engage enemy"
13) "Delta Wing here, we've just arrived"
14) "Echo Wing has arrived"
15) "I'm taking damage"
16) "I'm ignoring your target"
17) "I'm not following your order"
18) "I can't pick up your target on sensors"
19) "You just fired on me, man"
20) "Main player has been killed!"
21) "Main player just did something cool!"
22) "I'm out of missiles!"
23) "My fighter is heavily damaged"
24) "Main player is straying away from objective"
25) "Main player is traitor, off with his head!"
26) "I'm following your order"

The guys with the best "comm voices" gets the fighter pilot roles, but there is a strong chance that the people not selected for this role will be delegated for other roles as well, they are as equally important.
Hi all, I was wondering if all the voice acting spaces had been filled, I am a drama student and I'd love to do some voice actng.
Is there any need for foreign accents or something? Should you need any Italian or Greek-sounding character I might give it a try...
Dead Keen

Hey there,

Always loved Wing Commander, grew up on it, used to do acting and filmwork, so dead keen to do some voice acting. Thought the prologue game rocked, just finished it. From New Zealand, can do various accents. (American, English, New Zealand, Russian, etc):)

Nearly three years ago I tried out and got a bit part, but now I'm back and available for more. I'd love to try out for another part, if you don't mind re-using an actor.
Hi! I like to request a voice acting role! I'm from Croatia so english is not my native language and I can do some accents.

Looking forward for your reply.

Very good job with the WC Saga !!!!!