Representative moments from WC games to decorate my wall


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Hello everyone,

I'm looking to decorate a bare wall in my apartment and remembered how I used to put up the most beautiful computer game boxes back in my youth (WC1 always had a nice spot!). So I came up with the idea of putting up screenshots of my favourite games from back then. And I'm not talking about printing those out on paper but having them printed on some kind of structured fabric with a protective coat and fixed to a wooden board, (european) A3 or A4 format. Maybe with an added caption like "Wing Commander, 1990". Won't be cheap but...

What do you think of the idea?

What is the quickest way to "browse" through all the WC1/2 cinematics?

What would you suggest for WC1 and WC2 (without SM/SO)? It should be one or two moments from those games that capture their spirit, preferably not space combat but cinematics...

Some random ideas from me:
"Soon earth itself will be in our grasp!"
The kiss scene from WC2
Any of the cinematics in between two systems ("Meanwhile..."), maybe McAuliffe defeat
Interesting idea, be sure to let us know if you have them printed up on fabric - pretty sure you'd get a mention on the CIC front page.

What is the quickest way to "browse" through all the WC1/2 cinematics?

I would suggest watching some YouTube playthroughs, choosing a scene that you want to make into a poster, and then loading up the game to take screencaps of the parts you like.

For WC1, the rear view of the Tiger's Claw closing in for the kill at the end of the Vega campaign might make for an iconic moment, as would a shot of the pilots in the briefing room after they've stood up after a briefing. I always thought the hangar deck filled with crew members during a medal ceremony was also rather dramatic.

For WC2, the Concordia firing her PTC at the Fralthra is a rather emotive moment, or as you suggested, the shot from behind the emperor as he grasps thin air might look nice. I also really like the smooth landing sequences, the Broadsword swooping through asteroids to touch down on the Condordia might be a good choice - or the scene right at the end with the filled flight deck and Bluehair reporting to Tolwyn in front of the Sabre.
Hmmm... or what about Spirit's kamikaze attack on Olympus Station?

The Starbase of Heaven's Gate and Olympus Station in Ghorah Khar are completely separate stations.

On a side note, why would you want to put up a picture of her suicide?
Ah, sorry, I meant Heaven's Gate. Must've been too tired.

This is one representative WC moment for me. It is a sad scene but Spirit dies while taking the enemy with her. (A Klingon would consider this honorable)
Many deaths we see in WC were pretty much meaningless in my opinion but Spirit's wasn't. On the other hand I'm not really sure if a picture of her kamikaze is appropiate. It was just a thought of mine while being tired.
Thanks for the suggestions so far, Ive been browsing through them (couldnt find some of the WC2 ones on youtube though) and liked them all. I wouldn't mind putting up Spirit's suicide, was an act of love, wasn't it? If there was some final quote from her written out on the scene just before she crashes into the station it would be even better. Maybe I should make it a Wing Commander only wall ;D
Lieutenant Colonel Mariko "Spirit" Tanaka's final words to Blair: "Tengoku de omachishi te imasu" (I will wait for you in Heaven).
Are these not beautiful words? Im not sure I would get the color gradients on the WC fonts right but I guess I could overlay them on an early shot of here flying towards the starbase.
You're welcome to use the YouTube page and the photobucket page to put what you want on your walls. All I ask is that you honor the source as best as you can. What I mean is to use the images or screenshots as-is with no additional enhancement.