Represent Your Favorite Space Sim While Avoiding Coronavirus (May 22, 2020)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
Teepublic is a site that makes custom shirts, hoodies, mugs and other goods with contributed art. It's mostly intended for things like corporate giveaways or a venue for selling indie art, but occasionally some unlicensed merchandise slips through - and boy, does it deliver today! Once a piece of art is uploaded, the site makes it easy to translate that imagine onto something else like a sticker, phone case or pillow. And with the coronavirus pandemic still in full swing, they've now added face masks! A handful of fairly random WC designs is available, which includes a Kilrathi taunt face, a couple famous logos and even the Hot Wing Commander. They're $15, which is on the higher side, but not bad considering how shortages persist. The company also donates a medical grade mask for each novelty one purchased. Links to the ones we could find are below - let us know if you see any other good ones. And please send a photo of you wearing the mask if you get one!

The Kilrathi aces were known for their stinging verbal barbs as well as for their skill as fighter pilots but their propensity to become distracted by ship to ship communication during engagements became an advantage for sharp-tongued Wing Commanders.
Original update published on May 22, 2020