Reminder: Leave of absence


As most of you already know, I'll be away and without an internet connection from May 4 to at least May 19. I'll go offline in about 35 hours from now on, so any games currently in progress (Game 4 and Scenario 2) will have to pause.
Nevertheless I hope we can continue where we left off as soon as I return! :)
Have fun at whatever you're going to.

Any note on what's up with the defenders of the Empire in the Destroyer battle? It's probably the first time we sent our orders before them.
Well one of us is getting ready to have something removed from his body, while cramming for that last exam.
Though, as I understood Ironduke, he'll be pretty busy anyway.
In fact, I am. That's why I'm only processing turn orders rather slowly at the moment. I'm going to a studio to record a few demo songs on June 21, so that means I'm pretty much practicing the whole day. However, I'm trying hard to keep both games running! ;)
Alright everyone, I'm back! I went on a school trip to Cornwall in England and I have to say, it was really nice... a bit too sunny however
Cornwall? nice where did you go? I go there a lot during the summer im looking forward to going soon when I get back in the country as im deployed in the middle east with the RAF at the moment good news is only 15 days till the end of my tour cant wait!!!!!!!1
Mekt: I don't consider myslef lucky, I was looking forward to the classic rainy & gloomy skin on my nose is peeling off because of sunburn.

Young: We were in the southwest (going there through Stonehenge), near Salisbury, Exeter, Land's End, St Michael's mount, Tintagel and so on. On the way back, we went through Torquay, Dartmoor (here I was really disappointed - really too sunny, it missed the feel and mood) and Bath, the last day was in London

Overall, it really wasn't bad and I'd like to stay there for a little longer
It wouldn't be a bad idea to make this a general Absence thread ;)

So, starting this Friday, I'll be away for two weeks, sorry folks :p
That's it, guys, last post before my trip to the US! I'll stay in Florida for 2 weeks with my wife, returning on Sep 15. And hopefully we won't meet Hanna there... Which means - again - that Game 4 and Scenario 2 will have to wait. Sorry, we're not really making much progress right now... :(
You may send in missing orders for both games, but I won't be able to process them or update the games. See you soon!
So, I hope you returned ok and had a nice vacation, not too much trouble with hurricanes. Ike didn't went you way, did it?
So, I hope you returned ok and had a nice vacation, not too much trouble with hurricanes. Ike didn't went you way, did it?
Yes, I'm back - and hope to get that scenario going again. ;)
Ike didn't bother us too much. Two days of tropical rain, nothing more. I wish I could say the same for Cuba and Texas... So we didn't see Key West thanks to Ike, but at least nobody got hurt!