RELEASE: Relive the Glory Days with New Autopilot Feature

yo mustanger thats a SWEET idea i was never able to play 3 or 4 of wing commander cuz i was never able to buy them and i would so luv to see a remake of those
the same missions with the new tech that would soooo sweet!!!
Ahh, the good old days...

This gave me an idea... Would anyone be interested in a WC3 remake?... the old videos with the "new" missions:D:D

I think WC3 and WC4 would be grate to see redone with the WC3 3DO (?) movies and the wc4 DVD movies. With Sage already having most of the ships completed life would be a lot easies for a team who wished to do it. That is if Saga doesn't do it first. :D Or is willing to share it with a team willing to try it. :)

I would play it though.

P.S. Is the WCSage site down I can't seem to get to it? Did it move and I miss the notice?
YEP def interested in a wc3 or 4 (or pref both!) remake.... loved saga prologue... waiting in anticipation for the full campaign !

cheers guys, u never cease to amaze me !
So now will the game auto-generate the autopilot cutscenes for you? That would be really cool for people who want to make custom missions for WC: Saga but just don't have the patience to direct the cutscenes themselves via FRED. It just takes a long time to find all the SEXPs you need to call to make the cutscene, and then stop the cutscene.
Well, in theory yes. We are still using scripted autopilot because it is much, much more versatile. I'll be releasing a mission to accompany the WC4 package fairly soon.
I can't seem to join Vagabond in the second mission of the WC4 autopilot demo. I am clicking 1, but it isn't working.
As far as I am aware, a common keyboard is required for the key-pressed event to work properly. Dworak keyboards, num block, etc will not work.
Well, all of the other keys work properly and I even set the control for number 1 (at the top of the keyboard as opposed to the numpad) to nothing in the control config, but it still doesn't work. It shouldn't be a problem with it being wireless as all of the other keys function normally even the number 1 when it was bound to a control (attack my target originally). Is there some other key I am supposed to press beforehand before it will recognize my choice?