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I am happy to inform you that the first demo of the Reckoning mod is ready fow download.

Reckoning Mod 003 Readme:

This mod is designed for use with FLMM 1.2 or above. The script should fail in earlier versions. This is due to the need to have FLMM dynamically generate a DLL for the name resources and infocards. Install as per any other FLMM mod.

This mod represents a consolidation of several existing ships in the previous test mods as well as the introduction of some additional ships. There are several things happening in this mod, and they will be spelt out below on a ship by ship basis.

This ship has been added as a separate ship to the existing FL shipset. In addition, it has replaced the Startracker for the Xenos ONLY. No other faction flies this ship at present. It is available for purchase at Pittsburgh for $200 for testing purposes.

This ship replaces the Starflier globally. Whereever you used to see a starflier, you should now see an Epee. Prices, etc remain unchanged for this ship.

Ferret B.
This ship replaces the Startracker for the player as well as some factions. In this mod, some factions will still utilise the startracker, and in the case of the Xenos the ship will be swapped out with the hornet. Prices, etc. remain unchanged.

Ferret C.
This ship replaces the Liberty light fighter globally. There may be an issue with Mission 11 of the single player stream as some of these ships are supposed to be equiped with a cloak on a secret hardpoint. The loadouts of these ships have been changed to reflect a cloak on an internal point only, and hopefully that will work. Additional testing will be required for this change. Prices, etc. remain unchanged for this ship.

This ship has been added and is available at Pittsburgh for $200 for testing purposes. It should remain effectively unchanged from the last mod.

This ship has been added to the game and is available for $200 for testing purposes from the Battleship Missisippi in New York. It should be identical in performance and specification to the last mod.

This is a new ship to the test mod and therefore will require some testing. It is available for $200 on Manhattan. Prospective buyers should see an Epee, Ferret and Vindicator on the ship lot before buying this ship.

This ship is added for testing purposes at this time. If it proves successful, we will be able to integrate it into the Liberty suite of ships.

Known Issues.
Missiles can now be mounted on CD mounts as well as weapon mounts. Weapon mounts will be removed as more issues with the loadouts are resolved. Mines have yet to be incorporated into Torpedo mounts as well. This will be released later.

Version Control
20031020:1700 Initial Release.
20031117:1700 Test release planned to feed into Candidate Release for later on.
20031125:2100 Vindicator now emplemented as Bretonian Elite replacement.


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game crashes completely, when on Battleship Missuri (the end of the second mission).

There is a huge bug in a bar. Just go there and you will see like 5 bar icons. I bouth thunderbolt and after this game crashes. Not sure if it crashes with other ships, i have no money to buy another one. but i think its ini stuff. You mixed something in Missuri ini files (do not remember exact ini, li01_something.ini) So check it and check especially the bar. That might be a reason.

Excelcia System Modder, Base Builder, Ship Modeller.
I'm the one that wrote the mod.
I just Launched from Pittsburg, after landing there the 2nd time.
Ran over to the Battleship Missouri, went to the bar, purchased the Thunderbolt, went back to the bar, checked out commodities, went back to the bar, upgraded the Thunderbolt, went back to the bar, talked to everyone, launched, docked, went back to the bar, talked to everyone again.
Sorry, but I can't duplicate your problem.

The files that could cause the problem you've got are:
mBases.ini-controls who are at the base
Li01.ini-controls what's in the system
Li01_03_base.ini-controls what's physically on the Battleship Missouri
Li01_03_bar.ini-controls what's in the bar
Li01_03_deck.ini-controls the landing pad
Li01_03_deck2.ini-controls the dealer and commodities pads

Except for the Li01.ini, none of the other files were touched.
And Li01.ini only has the the various wrecks changed.

It's possible that you've gotten a bad download, or that another mod corrupted one of those files.

BTW-the ships were added in the market_ships.ini which controls the sales of all ships in the game.

I hope this has been helpful.
Email me with any questions.
wow, just tried the mod
...this feeling when the Vindicator flew over the landingplatform in the first video scene, ahhh, and all these other well known ships :)

really great, keep working on it, you make me dream of a FL where i can take a nice Excalibur and just fly around the Wing Commander universe and engage some Kilrathi or Nephilim :D

I havn't downloaded this yet but I was wondering if it worked with multiplayer
This mod or one of the others needs the whole lot of ships from the entire WC world in it. Everything, flyable and non flyable ships from the past games.

Epee's and Hornet's are fine ships...but really...those were not the best or only ships in the WC world!