Red Point

Tango's been having some personal problems which have kept him from working on Standoff since Episode 2... so I believe Red Point is currently on hold, since it was basically him doing all the work on it.
Red Point Alive

Well I'm still alive!!! :)
Web site is running again.
Need people to fix the english lines previous to voice records.

Looks like a cool game to me. Once it is done, I will download it. Are there going to be any capital ships in Red Point?
Capital Ships

Yes, at first you begin from Perry, next you'll be assigned to TCS River Plate and finally you're going to TCS Orpheus, a brother of TCS Cerberus.
With a little spare time I'll publish some screenshots of them.
OK, all right. if you dude how I can write english then reading the other threat then you know why I'm searching for english traslatiors people :)