RED POINT mod project is open


Good news to WC games fans. RED POINT project is officially open.
You can read about the project on a spanish page clicking here, or a bad altavista english traslation clicking here.
Obviouslly I'll need help on some game points, specially when I need record voices and artwork.
Artwork artists are welcome to work (i.e. a good video introduction and midgames are needed!).
Spanish / emglish traslations (good translations) should needs previous to record voices.

All people ready to help me are welcome! :), you only tell me what do you can do.

If Origin don't want to do wc games anymore... no matter, here we are!



I'm not opposed to your project, but I'm not too impressed with the story. Or is the Altavista translation very bad? Can you point out the thin red line of your story?

Some points
- Maybe Terell is a little too old to still be a Confed Admiral in 2685? He already looks in his sixties in Privateer, if I recall correctly.
- The story is based upon a alliance between Kilrathi and pirates? In what way is this threatening the Confederation? Maybe the story can begin with an incident of some sort?

I'm just trying to be constructive, please don't take this the wrong way. Good luck anyhow!


Actually Terrel looks like he's in his early 50's to me...and I kind of like the story I must say. It doesn't sound like an epic like the other WC's, but it deosn't has to be...Fighting kilrathi renegades and pirates would be fun enough...Not every fan project would have to be a galaxy spanning epic.


A galaxy spanning epic emerges you into the game much further. It's a lot of fun when there's a lot to lose or win. That's just my opinion, nevertheless.


Mr. Standoff
Terrell would definitely be quite old by 2685, but not necessarily too old to still be on duty, IMO. I think 16 years without a promotion might have frustrated him a bit, though. :p

On the Epic vs. Non-Epic debate, I think a non-epic can sometimes immerse you just as much, if the characters are well-developed enough. There's *always* a lot to lose when you and all your friends are in the military during wartime. :p You just have to make the player feel that way too (by working on the characters during the game).


Unknown Enemy
It's also worth noting that non-epic is much easier to do than epic. As a general rule, epic storylines are much harder to make believeable. Just imagine if Standoff's storyline had been made up by us, instead of Forstchen - "What? The Kilrathi offer peace and people are stupid enough to accept? Oh, and a secretly built fleet of supercarriers? Yeah, right... what's next, super-Dragons?" :)


Quarto: It's still being made by you, not by Forstchen, you're following his story, but that doesn't mean you don't have to tell the story, you still have to immerse the player into your game.

What I'm trying to say, when there's not a lot at stake, what's keeping you from ejecting every single mission like some wingmen do?


Unknown Enemy
Mainly, the fact that it's a game, and ultimately all players want to win. When you're in the cockpit, the storyline is usually a secondary consideration.

Apart from that... well, you have to make sure that the stakes are there. You may not be saving the universe, but if you're saving a well-developed wingman character, for example, the stakes will be even higher because it's personal.


Well I was hoping some discussion and obviously Fruitcake I understand that all comments are constructive.
First the little point of Terrell, I remember to have published a thread 3 or 4 months ago were I did some opened questions about Terrell's situation on 2685. The responses were positives and then I adopt to Terrell beacuse all people can understand and remember him while the history advance while you read the history under the communications terminal, that's I say "Terrell" and you think "Chieff" :) then you have not that asociate other names and he will be recognized easy. Though I also think that in 2669 Terrell had 50..+16 = 66.

Now the priority on the discussion could be "the history", I only have explained the begining. That's when Terrell discoover some transactions between Pirates and Kilrathis, that's not have necessarily tends to universe aliance, Admiral Terrell discover a "possible" aliance and he must investigate what it mean.
Now, I had not thinking describe all history because I hope casually impress you when you run the game :)
I only can to say that the history get you until the Kilrathi heart because the supoused aliance pirate-kilrahthi is only the begining, you know, pirates only wants get advantages of certains situations and they find a good business with Kilrathis but surely the main history is not there :)

RED POINT includes 3 parts:

Part I:
One episode: "The Investigation"
Related on the web page

Part II:
Three episodes: "A bad discovery to Confederation"
Obiouslly if Kilrathis are extremely opposed and preparated to defend that connection with their kills, then some is bad no?
That end with large scale battles in the border, adding also some revenges on confed civilians workers on Lissac system.
The episode end with a bad discover, that's Terrell knows exactly the Kilrathi propouses and decide take account of the situation trying avoid the propagation of Kilrathi plans.

Part III:
Four Episodes: "Red Point Operation."
Well, you will fly the Orpheus directly to Kilrathi heart by Terrell's determination under a Confederation approval. Until Terrell don't present consistent evidences of you discovery, gemini governor was suspecting of Terrell thinking that was a maneuvering to get more funds.
TCS Orpheus is a Hades class "Cerberus brother". Then there you will be joined with some knows pilots of Secret Ops.
What do you doing going to Kilrathi heart?... that's surprise :)
What's the discovery?... that's surprise :)

Relate to epic and non-epic histories... well, I can tell that you will have prevent a epic history into a non-epic history, that's, to save a Kilrathi-Confed epci conflict where Kilrathi could have futures greats advantages

I'm sure that all us will enjoy the game and the history...