Recommendations Now Being Considered for New WC Album Tracks (March 26, 2014)


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George Oldziey has provided another update on the post-Kickstarter status of his live recording Wing Commander album. He's started assessing bids from different orchestras in order to firm up what's possible in terms of symphony quality, duration and location. He's also taking feedback from fans for ideas on what tracks should be included, so definitely hit the forums link below or add to the KS comments for an opportunity to get your thoughts in!

Greetings all! I apologize for being absent the last few days. I had a studio commitment (recording and mixing an Indian/Jazz album) that kept me in my "man-cave" for 4 days straight!

Again, big heartfelt hugs and thanks to all for making this campaign much more successful than I could have dreamed possible. I am so humbled by the support as well as for the very kind messages that were sent to me. I have to say a very special thank you to Ben Lesnick, and Chris Reid; two amazing guys that have kept the WC fires burning after all these years! And Ben donated some very special mementos that were snatched up for rewards (which we'll try to get out as soon as possible). Thank you guys!

And as I mentioned before, EVERY dollar counted! I could tell some of you were really stretching your budgets. I so totally appreciate that!

Now for the big work ahead! I'm already in the process of garnering bids from several orchestras for the recording. I'd like to strike a good balance between overall performance quality and the amount of music the orchestra will produce. Of course, I'd love for ALL the music to be orchestral. We'd probably need more funds for that, but either way, I'll have at the very least 45 minutes of total music, and more if there is less orchestra and more sample based arrangements.

I've already received some suggestions for which pieces to include, so I invite anyone who has some thoughts about that to pass them my way! I actually don't remember everything that I've written!

I'll keep you all posted when things get clearer, and I can actually book the studio time. I can't do that anyway until the funds clear, which should be in a few weeks. That will give me a better idea of the ETA of the final product.

So, I can't tell you how excited I am to get started on this. Thank you for making this happen!


Original update published on March 26, 2014
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I'm thinking there will be lots of WC3 and 4 suggestions. I was never that big a fan of the WC4 songs though. I think WC3 is much better and love the intro especially. Anyway, that's kind of the long way of saying I want to suggest a few prophecy tracks.

Most of the battle music would be great actually, but specifically I'd pick Battle music #3 ( - Battle 3.mp3 ). You can clearly hear George playing with his WC3 and 4 themes in new ways which on an album would make a nice counterpoint to the other pieces from those games. Second to that suggestion Battle music #1 isn't bad.

Other than that prophecy's sountrack is filled with some more mood setting pieces. Suspense 3 ( - Suspense 3.mp3 ) would be neat done live though and has a bit more uptempo even if it's ominous and is perhaps one of the more *different* sounding pieces.
My wishlist:


The Demo-Track for Origin:
The demo track really impressed me when I first heard it, and it never ceases to amaze me. It fits the style of WC3 very well. I'd love to hear it orchestrated.

The Behemoth-Theme: commander iii - behemoth.mp3
This track has a quite menacing undertone fitting to the TCS Behemoth.

Beating Prince Thakhath:
This one is a very fitting and dramatic endboss track, giving me the feeling that the boss is almost beaten.

Defending Sol:
That one portrays the desperation during the final losing-track mission very well.


210 battle:
One of the battle tracks of CD2 of WCIV. It builds up excitement and then lets it explode. At that point you really want to pull your trigger.

211 battle:
The other battle track of CD2 of WCIV. That's probably the most dramatic version of the Black Lance-theme.

Music from the Axius-Cutscene:
Mr Oldziey mentioned that there was an alternate version of that track. I'd really love to hear how it sounded like.

WC Prophecy:

Battle 5: - Battle 5.mp3
That one has a fascinating blend of drama and atmosphere.
I'm not sure how he's taking suggestions but I messaged him on kickstarter