Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Released! (August 13, 2019)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
The highly anticipated launch of Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is here! Our previous coverage has highlighted many of the things that made it a great tribute to Wing Commander and a fun game on its own. LOAF and Dundradal also got a chance to fly around in a preview copy in the last episode of All Wings Considered (returning this Thursday!), and they had a blast. You can check out their playthrough below (jump to 30:15 if it doesn't autostart in the right place). Chief developer and Wingnut Travis Baldree also put together a nifty 'getting started' video to acquaint players to RGO. You can grab for PC it on the Epic Game Store now for $29.99. Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch ports have been announced for future release.

Original update published on August 13, 2019