R-Named Death Again


A lot of people with the letter 'R' at the start of their names die everday. Besides, he was getting old - it's sad, but it happens.

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This is the least interesting internet meme in the universe. I also like that you posted it after Trelane was making fun of it in #WingNut:

ZFGokuSSJ1: How many R names is that now?
Trelane: 8 R-names have died since people started keeping track of them in 1985


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I was sorry to see Richard Pryor die but its probably better than being stuck in a wheelchair, unable to communicate with anyone around you.


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I heard about him, he was a good actor I remember in some of his movies. He was funny. Tis a pity 65 is a young age by some standards


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snorted cocaine?? that is something I am not aware, but then I suppose in America many former and current celebrities would stoop low for drugs and all would they??


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I'm pretty sure drug addiction isn't unique to the United States.
I didnt refer anything to drug addiction but yes I would agree that DA is not an unique thing in the US it is seen everywhere. Just sad to see people resort to drugs and quell their misery or find something to high or have fun or something, I believe that people are better than that and could do better


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Dahan said:
I didnt refer anything to drug addiction
Please don't insult everyone's intelligence by trying to say you were making some distinct contrast between casual drug use and drug use that LOAF was referring to.