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I'm being accusatory? Take a look at some of your recent posts...
First the "plate throwing", then the "faeces-slinging", and then the "individual examples vs. concepts" thing. And each time, because you misunderstood what I said. That being the case, I think I'm also allowed to misunderstand you sometimes, without being accused of the above-listed things.
What? None of those are accusations, and two of them weren't even related to you.

Let me explain ONCE AGAIN... because you obviously *don't get it*.

You claimed that things from the Wing Commander IV novel can't be trusted because you believed that unrelated novel concepts also couldn't be trusted. You said this. Thusly you discarded the entire novel (the plate) with the bad sections (the dinner). It is a *common* analogy. It is in no way an insult.

Your original quote which spawned this AVERAGE NORMAL NON INSULTING COMMENT: "As for the WC 4 book... I don't recall anything in WCP giving the slightest implication that Blair got together with Panther (or whoever) in WC 4. Hint. I'm not about to start yelling that the books aren't a part of the universe and all such other nonsense . But let's face it. Certain mistakes of continuity appear between books, games, and other books. Didn't Forstchen or Keith kill off one of their characters, only to have him reappear in the next book? And in the case of books vs. games, games are far closer to our hearts than the books are."

Feces slinging wasn't even aimed at anyone. I said that I did *NOT* want this to turn into a feces slinging match, ie a flamewar. If I had said "I don't want this to turn into a flamewar", would you have been offended?

THEN you asked me for the situation in the novel where the information regarding Hobbes was derived from. I told you about what Blair was thinking while he addressed Melek and you said "That's just dumb... Why would the Kilrathi feed us the wrong information about forms of address?" A seeming justification for the third of your supposed horrid insults.

Stop playing the hurt child, please, it doesn't suit you. Or anyone.

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As for people being killed off and coming back, I did _not_ mean the people from WC 3, but rather that... guy... Admiral Bainbridge? Turner? Dunno. I don't have any of the books, so I can only go by what other people (that includes you, btw) have previously stated.

Wha? Bainbridge and Turner were never killed and than brough back. Turner doesen't even apear anywhere after AS, while Banbridge is killed in FA. The only person that was in a way killed and than brough back, was Admiral Vance Richards, in FC. He suposedly died while on board a destroyer, but few years later he's back in the WC4 novel, and later mentioned in the begining of AS for helping the author write the book about Tolwyn. My gues is that Keith was going to somehow save him in one of the two more novels he was planing to write, but he died, so we won't see those.

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We hear Zero say the Midway HAS no backup BEFORE Midway is cut off from Confed. And the carrier likely served alone against Kilrathi pirates because no mention was made of an escort.

The Midway is suposed to operate by itself during peace time, which was what we had before the bugs came. During a war the Midway is to server as a center of a battler group, as a flagship. Also, in Propohecy the Midway is on it's shakedown cruise, it's still being observed if it'll work. And don't you think that some pirates aren't realy that dangerous even for mostly inexperienced crew.

"The Midway is designed both for longer cruises and more diversified missions of peacetime, and to be a virtual floating naval base in a time of military emergency."

Well sounds to me like Midway is DESIGNED to operate independently, not that it always does, but it has proven capable of doing so. Even the Lexington operated independently from what we can see in WC4, altough the novel says otherwise.

In the quote you gave, it's clearly said that the Midway is designed to operate independently during peace time. During a war, the Midway is to serve as the center of operations. The Lexington operated independently also during peace time, and later it got it's ass kicked by a weak carrier with a small wing of inferior fighters. If not by Paulson's stupidity, and the lack of escorts the Lexington wouldn't be disabled.

A good soldier is not the one who die for his country, it's the one who makes his enemy die for his.
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Lexington was deystroyed/disabled because of Blair.

When Zero is talking to Casey, Dallas says "how much money do you think Confed saved by building this STAND ALONE carrier, namely this behemoth of a ship?"

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Blair was *able* to destroy the Lexington because Paulson had ordered it ahead of its escort.

As for the Prophecy Quote, you're taking it out of context to prove a point -- a big no, no. The reference is to building the Midway instead of multiple other carriers.
LOAF: And again, you misunderstood me. Firstly, I did not say you "gravely insulted" me. Secondly, each time I explained how it was that you misunderstood my post, and each time you ignored my explaination.
Never mind. Let's just forget the whole thing. If I said something stupid, it's probably because I was half-asleep at the time.

Let that be a lesson to you all. Don't post after midnight
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