Question (Probably not the first to have this idea)


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Time and again, the Wing Commander community has amazed me with what can be done for fan projects. Particular favorites are the mods of Secret Ops and Prophecy, which lead me to the following question.

With all the talented model-makers out there, is it possible to replace the current ship models in Prophecy/Secret Ops with higher polygon ship models? A Panther with a high polygon count would rock the universe, especially taking off from a revamped Midway to take on a few Morays.

Or maybe it's just me.


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There is a limit to how many polys a ship can have in the Vision engine. I don't remember what. I think it is right around 7000. Any modder could tell you for sure though.


Kilk'dymga'qith laq Ik'vikvi
You could glue together two meshes I suppose. At least this works for capships. However note that the vision engine itelf has its limits no matter how good your machine is. There is already a problem with one of the fighter models in Standoff causing serious performance problems.


Mr. Standoff
It's nothing special, just one of the Kilrathi fighters which happens to have more detail than our average.

The poly limit is not known for certain. It's around 1200-1500 faces (which makes me think it might be related to the vertices instead of to the polys) per mesh. You can glue multiple meshes together to form both fighters and capships if you really need more polys, but as Karl already pointed out, the engine itself isn't optimized to handle too much detail, so it will slow down any machine.