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Hello Quarto,
Blackwolf here Im posting youthis message because I was talking with pedro about importing ships in wcso.I have 40 models but for the life of me I cant import them.I tryed everything and I cant seem to do it,Pedro said you might be able to help with that.I would really like to talk with you and maybe come to a understanding like help each other I know your working on standoff and UE2. Im a good beta tester I have 6 betas under my belt with such games as D2,D2LOD,Conquest FointerWars,Planetside,Eve online,and Star Wars Gal.Plus i do other things like designing games,Voice overs.im just having trouble importing my ships for my Wc mod im making.

I'd be happy to help you, but unfortunately ships are the aspect of WCP/SO that I know least about. I simply don't know how to import ships. About the only thing I can do is point you to the model conversion tutorial on KillerWave's site. If you still have trouble after reading this tutorial, you may be able to get some help by posting specific questions in the Editing forum.

About helping out with Standoff... we definitely still need more voice actors on Standoff, and depending on your abilities we may have other work that you could do (probably not beta testing, though - we simply haven't reached that point yet). You should email Eder about this. Right now, we're not really looking for help on UE2, though, since it's still in pretty early stages (plus, we're focusing most of our efforts on Standoff, though UE2 is still progressing).
Yes thats what i have been using is the tut on killers web site i just wish they had a easyer way to import them like starlancer did
Converting models may seen complicated, but after you get the hang of it, things will look a LOT easier, trust me ;)
Hey, quarto, do you need any more female voice actors? I happen to know a certain gal who has expressed an interest in possibly doing a voiceover role.
Yes, yes, a thousand times yes ;). I think I still have one of your emails here somewhere... I'll send you a test line for Standoff.
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Now there's some questions out of nowhere :p. No, I got tired of the airport people looking at me suspiciously and shaved it off.
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What the hell is this? What possible reason, apart from sheer, utter stupidity, could there be to dig up a thread this old, and this pointless?
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