Prophercy code and Multiplayer

Dark Tower

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Does anyone know if Origin purged the online code of prophercy or did they leave it in?

And if its still in there is it nearly complete or is there large parts of it not there or done??

If not then maybe it could be fixed???

Online wing commander anyone?
It has been said many times before :rolleyes:
WCP was supposed to be able to play it online, but it was rushed into release and it wasnt finished...:(
As far as we know, Origin isnt interested in releasing any WC games source code...
Without that, it is very difficult, if not impossible, that someone can turn WCP into an online game.

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Damn if WCP wasnt russed into realase we could have multi-player over internet and they wouldnt be working on ultima online
If Prophecy did have MP, it would have probably been as useless as MP in FS.

And in what way would that prevent OSI from working on UO is beyond my understanding.

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