Prophecy Simulator Provides Additional Gameplay (September 2, 2021)


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We recently talked about the Prophecy Demo and how it adds several additional missions to the game's official plot. Today I wanted to briefly plug Prophecy's training simulator and the ten missions included there. Over the years we've heard from a number of folks who just never did any of the bar simulators after exploding in the Tiger's Claw original TrainSim. Some people see these missions as just a remedial tutorial for new players, but there are also some interesting gauntlets with their own high score boards. They can even include little bits of lore. Most WC games don't have the luxury of shipboard simulators, so when you're playing through one that does (Wing Commander 3 is another good example), don't pass them up! Here's a video of Ben Horne playing level 7, a rousing carrier defense.

Level 7: Carrier Defense

Author: Colonel Jacob 'Hawk' Manly (typo!)

Overview: Protect the Midway against a sustained assault. Use her turrets to your advantage, but meet bombers at a safe radius.
  • Fighter Melee Techniques
  • Capital Ship Defense Techniques
Instructor Comments: Give them enough time to line up a torpedo, and you're already dead. Take the battle to the enemy.

The simulator is also where you find the wild techno soundtrack! Find the full playlist here.

Original update published on September 2, 2021
My recollection of the Midway's simulator missions was that most of them are fairly straightforward, but the final two - which only get unlocked later in the campaign (explained in-universe by Rachel's communication to Casey) - includes a nice set-up for bombing practice against Nephilim capital ships. I remember having lots of fun with that massive fleet battle, I think it goes through all of the Nephilim ships that make an appearance in the main campaign. And even the others act as a prominent showcasing of Kilrathi remnant ships. And before we had full-fledged fan campaigns I recall most fan missions were implemented via the simulator feature.

Speaking of the Tiger's Claw simulator, that was a nice in-universe way of entering your name and call-sign - I think that was the intention to begin with, to add to the immersion into the game's universe.