Prophecy Multiplayer Fixed (August 18, 2019)



Twelve years ago, HCl rolled out a major update to his Prophecy multiplayer patch. When users entered their credentials for (then the home of our vBulletin-powered discussion boards) into the the launcher, the game would report back typical game statistics like kills/deaths, ejections and time played to the CIC server where they would show up in our Multiplayer Scoreboards section. As time moved on, the forums were relocated to our primary domain at and the software powering them was changed as well (look here if you are interested in Chat Zone history leading up to the 2011 Xenforo upgrade). If you signed up for our Forums after this transition, there was no way for you to have your results included in our scoreboards. There's a fix for this issue now and it takes just a few easy steps:

  • Sign in on the Chat Zone, or sign up for an account if you don't already have one.
  • Visit the scoreboards registration page.
    • If you are a new user you will now be shown a randomized multiplayer password. Store it somewhere safe like a password manager. Your actual Chat Zone password will have remained the same.
    • If you already have a account you will be presented with the option to reset the multiplayer password to a new, random value, in case you want to change it -- or have forgotten what it was.
  • Enter your new password in the multiplayer launcher and blast away.

The requirement for a username and password has essentially been replaced with a Chat Zone username and a multiplayer secret key, a much more future-proof approach.

Original update published on August 18, 2019