Progress Update

I don't think the Landriech had any carriers of their own at this point and time - I believe their navy consisted mainly of old, Confed destroyers - Valiant class, I think. Anyone with the knowledge, please correct me.
So, here's where it left off for tonight:
Added some more windows, tweaked the main hull texture, added some landing strip lights, and some random red lights over the hull. Also threw in some WC2-style striping around the turret and bridge, just to see if it would work. I kind of like it, but I'm completely willing to get rid of it if no one else does.
I like the markings. Its one of this little details that make it more "complete".
Maybe you could add some to the nose like the TCS Victory had or other ships.

As for the engines. I think Clawmarks shows 5 and ingame spirits show 6. A configuration with 7 is new to me.
I don't want to be too flashy with the striping - I'm content to leave it pretty much as is.
The shot I'll be using to figure out the engines is this one:

Anyhow, I'll be doing the underside next.
Oh SWEET! This is exactly what I would imagine a Bengal to look like. Kick ass all around. I especially like the bulk of the rear hull, the bridge setup and the launch tubes. Way to go Howard.!
I find it interesting that the back looks quite different then I would have expected from the clawmarks. The engines seams to be much deeper in the hull. Well it will take some time till I get there. But I was just working on the underside so this image comes handy ^_^
Sylvester: Thanks - It was actually kinda neat how everything started lining up when I started using the game references only - the Claw Marks schematics always seemed to muddy the waters. Still, it's only personal preference that's led me down this road - The Claw Marks are just as valid a resource. And I'm still guessing and improvising on a lot of it.
gevatter Lars: Good luck, sir! I hope to see how yours turns out.
Everybody else: Thanks, glad you're enjoying it!

So here's the latest - I got the bottom superstructure to a good point - still have to do the rear turret mounts detailing. I think she's really starting to come together. The Side gun pods still are WIP - there's a bunch of details and coloring missing from that area.

Once again, superb work Howard. If I may make a suggestion, I think you should reduce the number of windowns on the hull. It just seems like a bit too many for a warship that would have outer hull integrity as a concern.
Yeah, I think removing some of the windows is a good idea. I think I'm going to nix around 2/5s of them. Good suggestion, Sylvester.
...I don't think so, I figure that will unbalance the whole thing. I'm pretty sure just decreasing the overall number of windows will be sufficient. thanks for the idea, though. I'd be lying if I said I didn't consider it. That was the plan originally, but it really looked odd.
Yeah, I guess... still, the ones along the runway look kinda out of place. I love the model though. It's cool that you're basing it on the sprite.