programming language


i was wondering what computer language most people are using for fan made projects. HCL was using C to make all his great programs.

Also what kind of compiler is being used. I was using Borlands C++ 4.5, but have just switched to Visual C++ 6.0 like a week ago. All ready i'm missing my old compiler but i guess i just have to addapt.
Visual C++ 6 is way better then just plain Borland C++ 4.5. The event-driven system is way kewl, and desigining a nice Windows GUI for your program is easy. Once you adapt, you'll love it. As for fan-made stuff, I'd say C, or even better C++, as C++ has everything C has and way more. I'm learning C++ right now so when I get the source released, I can start doing the mods

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i to would just love to see the source code. if it does get released i look forward to the new fan made project. (i even got a couple idea)