Problems with windows ME


Im having problems with Windows Millenium edition. when I go to direct 3d Card, the program crash! when i go to "software" the game run ok!
Pentium II, 350 mhz, board intel SE440BX-2, 128 Ram, Intel AGP video Card 8 megas.
in win95 and win98 1r edition, all was ok.

Help me! pls.
Cte Munerius
Well than, I don't know what could be causing this, but I have a simplle solution. Go back to Win 98. WinME is a little more stable, but it's basicly Win98 SE with few minor improvements. Win ME definetly isn't worth the price tag. And it doesn't even have real DOS...
Thnx Mayor so sad because u said that this os dont have a really Dos..
its that a true?¡?¡¡?¡?¡?¡?
Im just downloading secretsopsfull...
can i use that files with my Wing commander Prophecy????
some day we will play WC on line?¡¡?¡??¡

Thnx for ur attention, my General Worm!

Uh, you do know that downloading Secret Ops of the net is illegal don't you?

You don't have to use SO with Prophecy, because it's a stand along game. It runs by itself.

No, unfortunetly we won't play WC online, since there will be no more WC games made in the near future.
Uh, you do know that downloading Secret Ops of the net is illegal don't you?
Oh? Since when?

It's downloading the episodes that's illegal, Earthworm.
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You know what I meant Q. Don't make me get down there to Kangaroo land and kick your ass.
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I'm surprised WinME even works properly with only 128MB of RAM... the kernel in WinME is a RAM muncher... way too huge.