Problem with UE



Just downloaded UE, but when I start the program, I get the following error message:

GL_d3d_5::createZBuffer attatch failed 87

Any idea how I could fix this?

(I didn't download the Secret Ops package - i bought it along with Prophecy on a CD rom as part of a game package. Should I download the package instead..?)

Yes. I get a similar error on my other household comp (that has windows 95).

The error message is, I think different (waiting for it to start up)

Here's the error message I get on the other comp:

A required DLL file MSVBVM50.DLL. was not found.

Er... any ideas..?
The MSVBVM50.DLL file is something that's installed together with Microsoft Office. I guess we all had Microsoft Office at the time, because it never occured to us to include this file in our package just in case somebody didn't have it.

As for the other error, please take a look at the very first question in this FAQ. In a nutshell - the problem is related to your video card, and you can solve it either by running the game in 16bit mode, or downloading the alternate DLL file mentioned in that FAQ. Keep in mind, in a rare few cases, neither of these solutions work - in which case, unfortunately, there is nothing we can do.
Quarto said:
The MSVBVM50.DLL file is something that's installed together with Microsoft Office.
I think it's actually part of the Visual Basic Runtime Package... it's a freely distributable package from Microsoft wich is installed with many applications, including MS Office. It's distributed with so many applications it's no wonder none of us realised it had to be shipped with UE.

Another thing for the "final release" UE package, Quarto ! ;)
Thanks! Will try both the above suggestions. Thanks very much for your time.
I tried both solutions that applied to my XP machine, and neither appeared to work. I tried replacing the DLL file in the Secret Ops folder and also tried 16-bit mode, but I still get the error message.

Do you think this could be a function of my using the Secret Ops version from Prophecy Gold instead of the download?
I haven't heard of this problem being related to the Gold version of the game, and it's a bit unlikely, because we actually use the executable from the Gold version instead of the online version. However, if you have a good internet connection, and downloading the online doesn't take too long, it's definitely worth a try.

By the way, what sort of graphics card do you have?
A Radeon 9800 Pro.

Think it might be significant..?
Yeah, it is - UE (and Standoff) really doesn't get along well with ATI cards... like your Radeon. I don't think anybody knows why this is, exactly.
So is there anything I can do? Change a setting on the card perhaps?

I think the card in the other comp is ATI designed too...
Difficult to tell. My last PC had an ATI card and didn't have any trouble (...but it was a laptop, and laptop ATI cards are a different family of cards than the Radeons). And, as far as I know, not all PC ATI cards have this problem... but it so happens that none of us who worked on UE or Standoff have a card that would cause such problems, so we never really had a chance to find out too much about all this. All we know is what people tell us.

The 9800 is a pretty new model, isn't it? My personal guess would be that the older the card, the more likely it is to work with the game.

As for changing settings on the card, we really have no idea - I would definitely encourage you to try, and let us know if you are able to work something out.
My new ATI X800 works perfect with standoff, UE, and secret ops,
except for the lens flare, it has crosshairs running through it,
turned it off and it runs like a dream.
Well, that's good news, I think this is the first report we've had about the X800 series :). And yeah, unfortunately all the graphics cards these days screw up WCP's lens flares. In the past, this problem could be fixed by changing the card's texel alignment settings... but it seems not all cards these days offer that option (to be more specific: nVidia cards do not offer it, and I don't know anything about ATI cards :p ).
And I just did, in the advanced view of the Catalist control centre,
there are three direc3d optimisations visible:

enable geometry instancing, and alternate pixel centre support, and the crosshairs are gone :)
It won't let me download the ship pack, and the official site is just a logo with no links. How can I get the file?