problem slowing down WC2


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I'm having a little trouble running WC2 wiht moslo.
I keep getting the message: Failed to load Origin-FX.
I could seriously use some help here


Unless specific DOS drivers are available for that stick you won't be able to use it (digital sticks don't work in DOS without drivers). You could try to get WC2 to work in windows, or you could get a cheap old stick.

Stinger: Origin FX should load fine in Windows. They will not, however, if you run WC2 using MoSlo from another directory. (Eg running moslo while in c:\moslo and your WC2 files are in c:\WC2 ) The game will be unable to find the correct files in the current directory.


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Actually, that's the one new joystick that should work in DOS. We had a fellow come by these boards a while back who told us that that one should work. In a few days, I should be able to test it personally; I'll tell you what to do after that.


i'm having problems even installing WC2 Deluxe.
it trys installing from the floppy drive instead of my cd drive, and when i do manage to get it installed, it won't load.
and can someone explain exactly HOW to use moslo, that prog confused me and i find impossable to use.


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As far as installing the game goes, you're best off just copying it to your hard drive directly and then running the install program from there.

To use Mo'Slo, just follow this template:

moslo /xx wing2.exe

where xx is the percentage of normal system speed that you want the game to run at.

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Is there any way to know just how much you need to slow down? Like the amount of seconds it takes a lazer bolt to leave view? Or the amount of time it normally takes to completely turn around your ship while it's stationary?

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