Privateering With People


I ask this because one of my big fixations in my youth was a little game called Psi 5 Trading Company, which placed you in command of a trading vessel, where you dealt with crew.

Obviously, I'm a big enthusiast of the Star Trek/Firefly model of sci-fi travel, as well as games like Jagged Alliance 2, but I never see that kind of stuff around. I want to find something to play that's closer in vein to say, Bridge Commander or Independence War, with the emphasis on people.

It's probable that this has been addressed before, but does anybody know of any space sims like this? An equal emphasis on a crew of people as there is on flight combat and interstellar trading?

(I started out looking for Firefly mods, but gave up pretty quick because I know I'm just lousy doing searches for mods, not to mention my patience on dial-up is pretty thin now.)