Privateer: The Reckoning OpenSP Beta v4.5


Privateer: The Reckoning OpenSP Beta v4.5 has just started Alpha testing.
(With any luck, it'll be released in a week, or so.)

Here's the Readme.txt file:

Privateer: The Reckoning OpenSP Beta v4.5

New Changes:
1) OpenSP/MP WITHOUT using Xerxes' "OpenSP v1.1" mod.
2) Ship models & loadouts reworked.
--a) Reactivated lights, contrails, etc, that were off.
--b) Fixed loadout errors that could cause CTDs.
--c) Repaired several Ship's weapons Hardpoints.
--d) Resized the Ferret.
--e) Added a turret to the Gothri.
--f) New texture for the Sabre.
3) Increased the collision damage.
4) Cranked up the AI another notch!
5) Lowered the salvagable amount of high-end equipment.
6) Lowered mission payouts.
7) Reworked equipment sales to be more factionalized.

Known issues:
1) You MUST delete "Restart.fl" before running this mod.
--a) Or you'll get a CTD when starting it.
--b) This is due to the new OpenSP/MP mode used.
2) This mod is incompatible with other mods.
--a) This is due to the new OpenSP/MP mode used.
I haven't had a chance to retest the Bearcat, yet.
We'll see...

What's wrong with the Hellcat's loadout?
Online info states that it has:
2x Neutron Guns
2x Ion Cannons
2x Spiculum IR missile racks
w/3 Missiles each
24 Decoys.
Except for reducing the decoys to 10 instead of 24...
And replacing one of the IR racks with a Torpedo launcher, it's all correct.
The torpedo launcher was installed for the missions...
(Which I hope to add back in, later.)
And the number of decoys was reduced as it took forever to attack a Hellcat with the 24 it had.
One of the testers has found a really nasty bug in the random missions.
After you kill one enemy, it CTDs.
Having a hard time pinning this one down.
Turns out the primary DLL, Gemini.DLL, is highly unstable.
It randomly deletes entries that can cause crashes.