Privateer Rightious Fire no voices


hi I'm new I was wondering if anyone can tell me if Wing commander privateer Rightious fire had voices when talking to people such as bar tenders or clients, i know theres voices in the intro and when you fly your ship and talk to people in space, but on my game there is only Text is there a way to get voices in game? I'm using Dosbox latest version, the original privateer works fine and has voices all over, but not the expansion why?
its cd version i mean the intro and in game space flight have voices but the bartender has just text at the bottom and your own voice is just text too not voice, i just think i put the files in the wrong place or i didn't install it correctly my EMS is false too why does it have to be false? and using dosbox i use this to mount

mount c c:\games\dosbox\
mount c c:\games\dosbox\privater
Righteous Fire on CD does have full speech for all the bartenders and such. It should work if you follow the instructions at

The rf.tre file needs to be in a place that rf.cfg points to after taking mounting into account. I don't understand the mounting commands you're using there. It looks like you're double-mounting the C drive.
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I think he meant
mount c c:\games\dosbox\
mount -t cdrom d c:\games\dosbox\privater

that would mount the c:\games\dosbox\privater folder as the cdrom drive and mount c:\games\dosbox as the c: drive allowing all the .tre and game files to be stored in the one directory and playing without the cd.
woot score, i had to install it properly like with mount the cd rom drive then install via dosbox, then use the reference
mount c c:\games\dosbox\
mount -t cdrom d c:\games\dosbox\privater

what i did before that was wrong i installed from the cd rom and edit my rf.cfg and priv.cfg and i think i had them as


i think that was wrong cause i didn't get sound up and sometimes RF wouldn't even work, but now i leave them as
=D: priv.tre <without any spaces just a smily that comes up in the forum unless i use a space hehe

and it works fine thanks to the mounted cdrom within dosbox, and now i think i should be able to play any dos game with those commands?

Thanks everyone ^_^

such nostalgia I used to play privateer when i was 11-12 haha :eek: wow to think they are still cool even now is just amazing why didn't they make any sequels with same characters just updated graphics, weapons, ships, missions etc.. seems like such a waste origin dropped off the planet :/