Privateer Remake 1.1 README


The readme included in the 1.1 release is not complete due to the fact that it was still be compiled while the 1.1 release was being packaged. Below is the complete 1.1 readme:

June 11th, 2005

Privateer 1.1 can be installed by downloading and running the full 1.1 install package, or by downloading and running the much smaller patch. The patch will update version 1.0 or later of Privateer Remake to the release version of Privateer Remake 1.1.

What's new in 1.1?
- "t" no longer targets everything. "t" only targets ships, and you must use "n" or the nav map to select destinations for navigation.
- Radar targetting cone limitations are implemented when playing on medium and hard difficulty. This means that you must turn your ship to place the target near your front before you can use any of the targetting keys to select it. If a target flies outside of the cone, you will loose designation unless you have locked the target.
- The faction of your target is no longer displayed on the targeting MFD. Use the communication choices to determine what faction you have targetted.
- The universe state is mostly reset when you land and launch again. This should avoid massive groupings of ships.
- Asteroids are destroyable, impart more collision damage, and in general behave a lot better than asteroids in 1.0. They also require more computer resources, and in some systems contaning a lot of asteroids, the 1.0-style asteroids will be used for performance reasons, based on your config settings. New-style asteroids can be destroyed and mined for ore.
- Cargo and mission pricing has been tweaked.
- Enemy flight AI has been made more Privateer-like.
- Milspec ships are no longer available for purchase.
- Torpedo mounting capability per mount has been reduced from 20 to 10.
- 2D wireframe images have been added for all targetable objects.
- Enemy damage is now viewable in 4 separate quadrants.
- Radar ranges have been reduced.
- Jump bubbles do not absorb weapons fire.
- The ability to Shelton Slide has been removed.
- Clicking on the Centurion, Orion, or Galaxy in the ship delear initiates a direct purchase of those ships and automatically sells your old ship and its upgrades. Multiple ships can be owned by purchasing ships through the upgrades screen. This is also the place to purchase ships that were not available for purchase in the original Privateer.
- Buying maps from the software booth no longer subtracts credits from your account if you have previously purchased the selected map.
- Freind or Foe missiles do not require a lock.
- Ejected pilots are much weaker and can be destroyed more easily.
- Pressing "r" gives a damage report much more like the original Privateer.
- Flying the AWACS missions in the new campaign does not damage your reputation with the Confed.
- Metal ores have been added as a commodity.
- A white nav cross now appears on the HUD, marking your selected destination.
- The intro cutscene plays when you start a new game.
- A new shield impact animation has been created.
- You cannot dock with hostile capships.
- You can only match speed with cargo.
- Docking clamps do not appear when they are not required by the difficulty settings.
- Garbled images no longer appear when loading the game.
- "Scanning" MFD animation added for patrol missions.
- "Signal Lost" MFD animation added for when a ship is destroyed in the middle of a communication.

- Use the arrow keys to steer
- Press 'n' to target navigational points
- Press 'a' to automatically fly there
- Press 't' to target spaceships
- Press Spacebar to fire your guns at them
- Press tab to accelerate to full speed and turn on afterburners (if you have any)
- To land, fly into the base, or press 'd' on harder difficulties.
- Buy a Jump Drive in the misc category of the upgrade computer and use 'j' in a blue jump point to teleport to a different star
- Buy low and sell high. For example, buy iron on a mining base and sell elsewhere


I just installed the patch and I play the game and I get a cockpitless ship with no weaponary and no speed. Before I installed the patch I had a centurion with weapons and afterburners. Previously I had installed the universe addition to the game. I was in the Vega Sector before I installed the patch. I have a P3 933Mhz 384mb of ram , 32mb Nvidia Geforce 2 MX200, using the keyboard for flight operations.


I'm almost certain the installing the 1.1 patch over WCU will severly break things. WCU is not yet compatible with 1.1.


Not a good idea either. WCU is not yet compatible with 1.1 in any way. You may try, however, if you feel like going boldly where noone has gone before. If you do, let us know how it went.

Shadow Black

Argh! You just had to throw in "If you want to be the first" haha. I may well try it, after I get a 64bit-pure version of PR1.1