privateer reckoning beta 4.65


Hi all

i recently downloaded the privateer the reckoning mod beta 4.65 for freelancer but i have no idea how to install it there is no exe file does anybody know how i would go about it i would love to fly the tarsus in freelancer . Thanks in advance
You need to download and install Freelancer Mod Manager - it'll associate itself with the .flmod files, and executing it will automatically install it. You can then run the game from the mod manager.

Also, this should be moved to the Reckoning sub-forum.
ummm still lost

Thanks for your answer Bob . I don't mean to sound like a tard :D but i am still lost .I have Freelancer mod manager .but after i unzip the reckoming files where do i put them so that the mod manager can associate whith the files ?..And heres another question while i am at it . Can you fly the tarsus in wing commander FL ?.
Thanks in advance
You shouldn't have to unzip the files at all - the installer does that automatically for you. If you have the file, remove the last .zip and run the resulting file.

I *believe* the Tarsus is the ship you start out with, but I haven't done anything Freelancer for a long time. There were plans to import the more impressive model BradMick did for the Gemini Gold project, but nothing really came of that.