Privateer Cutscenes

John Cordell


for our next release we are currently in the process to add movie support to the engine. Unfortunately i do not see any chance to get redone Privateer cutscenes anytime soon, so we are forced to use the original ones. Does anybody want to help and spend some time to capture those from Privateer?


looking for any way to help that i can! have original priv/rf cd in my possession and have a few ideas for how to pull off capture methods, one including dosbox/advmame filtered captures of cutscenes, plot dialogues and base animations (noticed that the rainy newDetroit scenes would be almost impossible to increase resolution without some sort of automation)

i have a unique weekon/weekoff schedule and can invest significant hourage to assisting in the recreation of my seccond favorite game of all time.

what formats and filtered/unfiltered would be preferable?