privateer autonomy



Hi, I am new to this board and I have not lurked it much but is this just a ship mod or is it free autonomous missions like in privateer (personally what I felt made the game great), ya know, white knuckle cargo runs, multipul drops dodging pirates all that jazz. I really miss it and I had to play original privateer again to get it back.


the mod does look really good tho, I would download it just for the ships but My biggest disapointment from freelancer was the lack of autonomy
I don't know what you mean. In multiplayer (and also single player, if you disable the missions with a mod or just ignore the missions), you can take on missions on your own and organize your own cargo runs in Freelancer.

Reckoning is the same way, just with totally different star systems, ships, weapons, equipment and cargo.
Aye that IS true, but Im refering to missions where ferrying cargo is a mission and not something independently done, like say working for different trade corporations and moving their cargo. This was done to a very fun degree in privateer, I dont think (tho I can not speak from coding experience) that this would be very hard to impliment. Pirating was also really fun in priv too, knocking off ships and selling the cargo, I dont think I've ever successfully done it in freelancer unless you count cargo containers and not freighters. Heh, and beaming over escape pods to sell as slaves *evil* but made running the militia more fun.

Ah well, I can dream-
Im at a lost here to download which version of the reckoning do I get to play it on Freelancer, anyone give me details to which one???
Guys, this mod is amazing, screw the cargo runs (Tho I do miss them) you guys did a bang F*cking job woohoo, shweeeeeeeet,

I've been playing Pirvateer and righteous fire for years, this is just wonderful, thankyou dev team
The best money I've made in vanilla Freelancer was from cargo runs. A few of us say "Hey, we're going to from A from X to B in Y and split up the profits." Depending on the average hold size we can pull over 100,000 credits per run.

I guess you could tell yourself "Someone told me to run this from here to there and the profits will be my payment."

In Freelancer it was fun to do that to see all the scenery anyway.
Yeah ... multiplayer support ... must work on :\

Anyway, Gamma 103.05 is out on a trial basis. See the sticky thread.