Privateer 3D Archive Licence?


Does anyone know what license the Privateer 3D Archive (link) uses? I am planning to work on a Privateer remake in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw when the modkit comes out and was considering using these models if allowed by the license.

Thanks in advance!
Unfortunately there's no license available, they're commercial models that are technically owned by Electronic Arts. (No one will mind you using them but there isn't anything to say that legally.)
They are also not particularly well optimized for game engines. They were made for rendering sprites so there are a ton of extra polys and flipped normals. I'm not sure if those will be an issue when the mod kit comes out, but it could become a performance issue.
However, they are the perfect reference for building even better models. :)

EDIT: I've just remembered that there are plans to release the "Grayson's Revenge" assets from 2017's April Fool's as a mod for RGO.
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They don't use the Origin models anyway, I believe they're the ones Howard Day made for Pioneer, which was an aborted Privateer fan game (not to be confused with Pioneer, which is an aborted Elite fan game)