Privateer 2 The Darkening Savegame and exe editor


As my first post here i want to offer you a new savegame editor for Privateer 2 The Darkening that includes much more features than the 2 posted in the wcnews priv2 files section.


New Link:
EDIT: Version 2:

I hope you like the editor me and a friend have written and maybe wcnews can host the editor on the site, as the rapidshare download will be deleted after a while automatically.

The features of the editor are:
-edit savegame money, destroyed ships, wingman, special systems (Blindfire, RTS), location, player ship (all civil, neutral, cargo, pirate and CIS ships available), player ship damage, missile bays, module bays, laser bays, cargoship, cargoship bays, cargoship capacity, cargo
-edit the dark.exe (dos and win version support) to change player ship price, nr of modules/rockets/laser and cargoship price per trip, speed, shieldclass, weaponclass, weapons, freightcapacity and nr of cargobays.

P.S.: I've seen wcnews also have in the ships database the exact values for each ships shield and hull strength as well as the firepower of all laser and missiles. Can someone tell me how or where i can find these values in the game files? It would be great to know this to enhance the editor even further and allow the user to change really every aspect of the game.

I've attached some pictures of the editor showing the features


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I've found a small bug in the loading routine that caused the editor to crash when loading a savegame with an unknown player ship.

Here's the new fixed version. I checked every function and hope that there aren't any bugs anymore.
Yep. That's the same me. ;)
Though most of this editor was written already 6 years ago, before i started modding C&C on a big scale.
I just recently found the source code again, finished what I've started and fixed several bugs so the editor can be made public.

btw, Thanks to Kris for making this go in the news and hosting it on the site. :)
Thanks for posting the link here again Bandit LOAF. I actually wanted to edit my first post a while ago and add the wcnews download link, but had to notice that i can't edit my own posts on this board when there was already a reply. Thus i put it in my sig, which is unfortunately not added to these old posts either.
I've finished the new version 2.0 of the editor

@mod/admin: it would be nice if you could host the zip on wcnews again, as the rapidshare download will be deleted automatically after a while. Maybe you could also allow me to upload zip files as forum attachments for future versions.


Savegame editor:
  • long paths to the savegame file are better visible on the "Filename:" label
  • small graphical layout improvement on the cargo tab to look more like the layout ingame
  • new tab "CCN Booth" which has sections for the
    • available Ships and Equipment that you can buy on the current planet/station (click on an entry, change the indexnumber and press enter to accept the changes)
    • Bulletin Board, allowing to edit the cards which represent Wingman, Cargo Ships and Missions
    • Commodities, which are available on the current planet, allowing to edit the amount of tons available and the price per ton (these are only local and temporarily active as long as you stay on the current planet; once you take off and land on a different planet these are set back to the planets default values)
    • News, that allows to view and edit the current visible/active news
  • new "Unknown" tab that allows to edit savegame parameter/values for which i haven't found out their purpose yet (if you find out the purpose of one of them let me know and i'll move it into the correct tab or create a new tab in the next version)
  • when changing the cargo on the cargo ship, the cargo now uses the price that the current planet uses for this commodity (was previously always set to 1)
  • in priv2editor.ini the editor saves the last window position to get rid of the stupid random window positioning of Windows (now the editor opens where it was last closed)
  • boothinfo.ini which contains the data/description for the News, News Reporter names, News affected Planet names and the BBS Missions
  • a custom mouse cursor for the savegame editor (if you want you can use the cursor in windows too; you can find it in images/cursor)

dark.exe editor
  • new tab "Equipment" which allows to change the price of each module,missile and gun as well as the amount of the equipment that is added to the ship when bought (e.g. Hi-Ex mines 10, Decoys 15, Nuke'em 1)
    • Note: you can change the amount on missiles/guns to be higher than 1 and even if the savegame has the correct amount stored, the game will see them as a group and not as single items. Thus you unfortunately can't stack 10 missiles on one slot and fire ingame one after the other like you do with mines

The boothinfo.ini contains already all available bbs missions, however i haven't finished the news yet. If you want you can add/edit the missing/incomplete entries so the editor can show correct the text for all news.
Once the privateer 2 text file format has been deciphered, i'm sure i'll make the editor use the original data direct from the privateer 2 files.

Attached are some pictures of the new version


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Finder of things, Doer of stuff
I've finished the new version 2.0 of the editor

@mod/admin: it would be nice if you could host the zip on wcnews again, as the rapidshare download will be deleted automatically after a while. Maybe you could also allow me to upload zip files as forum attachments for future versions.

Cool! You guys are awesome!

We should be able to post a download link soon, though for future updates there are several options available to you depending on the file sizes involved and how many future editions of the editor you might make available. For small files, they can most likely just be emailed to us directly, thought rapidshare is an ok interim solution. Depending on how long you intend to be involved and where you see the future of your projects you could also apply for a solsector account so you can have your own project webpage with downloads hosted by us. If you contact Kris (our invaluable server guy) via emaill, it's possible he might be able to give a temporary FTP login so that you can upload your file though I don't really know what he currently has set up for that.
There will be presumably at least 2 or more future versions.
The next one will add even more editable stuff from the savegame (maybe finally every single savegame aspect).
I'm also working parallel on a Privateer 2 File browser/manager, with which you can edit/extract/create bigf archives, iff chunks, iff pictures, fat audio, iff text and other p2 formats. In a future version the Priv2Editor will then have this file editor included too.

I'm not sure if it would be worth the work to create a solsector account for me. I thought it would be easier to slightly enhance my forum account rights to include more filetypes for attachments. Though if that doesn't work i can keep posting new versions on rapidshare first and let a mod/admin host it on wcnews.


Yey :D

The only thing getting really on my nerves with this game is the eternal pirates that aswarm the universe. Now I can atleast re-set my killings to zero and stem the tide a little.

To bad the source code is not released so some semblance of uninterrupted space trade can commence.

Playing through the game again now through DosBox (one of the scv variants) because I enjoy the little film scenes and think the world is pretty smart and funny.

Thanks for the tool!



Hmm, can't you edit one's posts?

Been trying to find some way to either change/adjust
1. Pirate ships shield/hull
2. Distance before you can jump
3. Pirate numbers

One can't go anywhere. That's the biggest problem off all.
You get stuck at a nav point killing tens of pirates and they just keep on coming :(

Really find it priority one to somehow reduce pirates or make them less annoying.

Guess I will try to set all player ships and cargo to be much faster and just try to outrun them before more jumps in.

Any possibility to add the exe adjuster in this nice utility to set all ships in the game?