Privateer 2 editing and extracting

I have the English DOS CD version. I'm fairly certain it's the US version. I believe the file was TESTBED.SHP and was on CD1.

I haven't found that file on my 16.0 German Privateer 2 CDs, and the GOG releases also don't contain it. If you have time, can you check if your DARK.EXE contains the string "TESTBED.SHP"? If so, maybe we can figure out if it's possible to actually access that screen from within the game (but maybe it's just a leftover file and isn't referenced in DARK.EXE at all).

An interesting find in any case.
Didn't find anything at a glance, but I did find a reference to a debug screen fairly close to the game's cheat codes:

   ID_VARS not found
 GAME%02d.IFF DIR_IFF file not found GAME%02d.IFF LOAD_IFF file not found GAME%02d.IFF wb   FOR YOUR PLEASURE - THE SPACE DEBUG SCREEN (List does not contain fixture info) #   TYPE                 ID              LOC LIFE STRAT STAGE  LEV      X       Y       Z      CLAN  MISN  DUR   TARGET  NAV PILOT W C E Miss Univ Local Nav Map: Cannot allocate memory! %d
 %s %d %s (%s %d) %s %d _ %d REP ME UP PETY PETY NAPALM CHILL OUT NO TALENT ’„æC  C  PC  zD  zÄE-Mail Screen: Cannot Allocate! %d
 E-Mail Screen: Cannot Allocate! %d
 GAMEFLOW.IFF GAMEFLOW.IFF Option Screen: Cannot Allocate! %d
Here's the source code in case anyone wants to push this further or fix some palette issues: (edit: moved to Gitlab)

Should compile under Linux and macOS. In both cases you need zlib, libsndfile and libpng installed (macOS users best install via Homebrew).
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