Privateer 2: Can't complete mission "Davis & Co. Armaments and Supplies, Nerve Weapon - Part C"


It's the final part of a three-part mission:,_Nerve_Weapon_-_Part_C

I've been sent to Nav #221. When I get there, there are two Duresses and two Heretics. Sometimes a few other pirates appear; usually Kiowan but not always. According to the wiki and official guide, there are supposed to be CRUISERS, which seems overkill for this mission. But they never show. I've waited ages, I've even tried jumping away and back again, and one time I killed all enemy ships that spawned then landed somewhere to save, only to find nothing of interest at the nav point when I returned.

Is this mission glitched? Is there a way to beat it? And if I fail the mission, does it matter at all; i.e. has anyone been through the source code if available (or decompiled it or something) to see if failing a mission is saved to your profile? Thanks for any help you can give me.

I've tried both the unofficial patch and DOSBOX version, and had the same problems with both.

EDIT: I can provide a save file or two if necessary. Maybe someone can have a look at it? I think I have one save on its last landout before the mission fails, and possibly a save from the previous landing (which was the save I used to destroy the ships then land, only to find nothing but random encounters at that Nav Point upon revisiting it afterwards). I suppose it's also possible the other active missions are somehow clashing and causing the win condition to fail to trigger? I know missions can clash; it's happened to me before and one time the game even crashed due to two missions simultaneously trying to add large ships to the same Nav Point; I had to go back and select a different mission to avoid a crash upon entering the Hades sector.

I don't know if I have a save far enough back, but if so I'll try selecting different or fewer missions to see if that makes any difference. I was hoping not to have to accept a mission failure on this file; I think it doesn't matter; it doesn't seem to affect anything if you fail a mission but I would prefer to know for sure.

So if necessary, I'll upload my current save along with any others that might help. Thanks again!
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GAME00.IFF (Slot 1) is the newer save. The other one was from the previous time I landed. The mission will fail 2 landouts from Slot 2 and 1 from Slot 1. If these help with troubleshooting why it won't register as complete or if I'm doing something wrong, that would be great! Thanks.

EDIT: I tried reloading an earlier save which was on Part B of this mission, and I got to Part C with no other active non-main plot missions; the main plot is just before Shernikov on Crius. The mission still refused to complete after destroying the four non-pirate enemy ships plus a few Kiowan ships that appeared afterwards. I waited ages again, and tried jumping away and back again only for nothing to happen yet again. I think I'm going to have to fail the mission, unless someone finds a way to beat it.


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I had a similar problem with this mission:

The first time I did this mission, it worked fine. The second time, quite some time later, Part B wouldn't register as complete upon dropping the hairpigs in Hermes local space, no matter what I did or how many times I reloaded the save to try again (even if I reloaded from before accepting Part A of the mission). I wonder if it's because I already beat the mission on the same file, or maybe something glitched out on the Bulletin Board that caused problems down the line after accepting the mission?

This makes me wonder if the Davis mission might work correctly another time; maybe there was a similar glitch that stopped Part C registering as complete but it might be OK another time; I'll have to see.

EDIT: Found a workaround that guarantees Hermes Lumber Part B completes properly. The best part is, you don't need to do anything different up to the point at which you're supposed to pass the mission and get paid. Basically, drop the two crates of Hairpigs in Hermes local space, and if you don't get paid immediately, LAND. Upon taking off, you will be paid on your first jump away. You have to land before jumping away otherwise you'll fail the mission on jumping.

EDIT 2: A second way to beat the mission if it doesn't automatically complete, this time without having to land: Drop the crates of hairpigs and fly to about 2,000 km away (that's how far it was for me, this may vary) for the mission to complete.
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And if I fail the mission, does it matter at all; i.e. has anyone been through the source code if available (or decompiled it or something) to see if failing a mission is saved to your profile?
All non-FMV missions repeat, so I would assume not.