[Poll] WC3/4 Pilot Helmet Prop Recreation Interest

How much would you spend/what authenticity would you want?

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Hey guys, Mike here.

One of the dreams I've had being a Wing Commander fan is owning a pilot's helmet from the WC3/4 games. Y'know, something to add to that immersion of space sim-ing as well as just having it for my own geekiness. Well, it turned out LOAF had one of the extra prop helmets in his collection.

Now, rather than just buying it from him outright, and I doubt he'd part with it anyway, the idea occurred to possibly go to a prop fabricator here in Austin to see about making additional helmets for like-minded fans, be it from the Wingnuts or the Star Citizen fan base.

Now keep in mind that these aren't going to be cheap. At the minimum I'm figuring this might cost ~$400 per helmet plus labor at the VERY low-end, going all the way to 4 figures for the perfect replica. Additionally, prop companies aren't mass producers, so we wouldn't really get a discount for large bulk orders. However, if you're financially able/inclined, this is a chance to have something physical as close to the WC universe as possible without prying it from LOAF's hands.

I'm currently in contact with 2 local companies and going to see what kind of budget allotment they can work with, depending on detail. Hopefully I can get a good deal.

So, the poll here is to see what kind of interest you guys have, as well as what kinda price you'd be willing to spend on it. I'm asking you guys first as it's not only a Wing Commander-specific prop, but I'm also a Wing Commander fan first and foremost.
It's an awesome idea, and one I'd want the highest quality for. I can't really set aside money for this right now...
If this is being done, it makes sense, to make the helmet a PERFECT replica of the original one. Otherwise it just doesn't feel original. Would LOAF be willing to provide his helmet as a sample for the manufacturer?
I'm not sure what to answer...having a high quality replica is of course the best - but I really don't think I'll ever feel comfortable to spend a significant 3 digit sum for such a helmet. It was already very difficult to pledge so much money for Star Citizen. I could imagine someday to spend maybe about 150 $ for something like that but probably not more, so I voted for the cheap variant.
Cheap and simple is fine for me. I can stencil and print all kinds of images or writing. Standard issue works for me since that's what a real pilot would receive anyway. I'd rather personalise it myself.

And slightly off-topic...any word on those flightsuits on the merchandise page? I might even order a mug or cards too if anything is still available. I know I want an Eisen hat and shirt.
I would suggest finding a way to make these yourself. I think most fans would have a hard time spending $1000+ (or even $400+) on a screen-worn prop, let alone a replica. The actual helmets worn in the games were modified motorcycle helmets. If you're already looking at professional companies able to customize certain things, I'd recommend trying to find the closest motorcycle helmet, and then get the custom extra bits that would add on to it to make it look like the items in Wing Commander.

Since it's a replica and not an authentic article, what will make the end result worthwhile is the additional flair you can add to it - decals with the original striping, Confed logo, squadron name, etc. that make it clearly Wing Commander related. These things are where fans can really benefit. It's expensive to make one custom Wing Commander patch/sticker/pin/etc, but if someone gets a batch made, then they can distribute these to other fans. I'm not sure any of the poll options are what I'd vote for - what I'm imagining is almost like a kit that you can get to people so that they can make their own, and I don't think more than a couple people will pay more than $200 for this.

We have lots of Eisen shirts. There are no current plans to make any more flight suits.