Poll: Book I of the "Erwachen"-series as .pdf for free download?

Should the CIC/wcnews host a .pdf - version of book I from the "Erwachenseries"?

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Yes, I am serious. We have some bigger problems with a new release of the first book from the Erwachen (Sturm), and I still looking for a safe place to "store" that story. I talked to BanditLOAF (or Chris Rheid? Im dont remember quite now correctly)) earlier about this...

So, what do you think? Should the CIC / wcnews host a .pdf - version of book I? It will be the basescript, nearly the same as I posted here already inside the "Privateer" - thread (an overdone version). It will also include:

- a new "prequel" word
- some background infos from the author on the main characters
- the Tri-System-Newspaper, part I, II and III...
- some ideas for the useal tech-bible stuff...

The only downside: its completly in german. I am sorry, but my english is something between "yes, I can get a beer in London" and "I beg your pardon, please say it again... slow... slower... even more slower... no, sorry. Ask the postman over there."

On the other side... maybe someone goes ahead and try a translation - it could end up in a co-work with me and my publisher.... who knows?