Please help, I'm stuck on a Privateer 2 mission


Petty Officer
It's the mission where you leave Kappa Labs and David Hassan is asking to meet at nav. 140. I never get the "Thank you for saving my life..." mail. I only get the mail about he having to jump out.

It doesn't matter what I do, I kill the enemies fairly quick with a Freik mk. II and Stream lasers Mk. II. Sometimes I managed to kill 3 or 4 enemies before I get the mail, sometimes the mail is there literally 3 seconds after I jump in before I even get in range. When I hit W to target nearest enemy there is a Vendetta and I have to boost to get in range and kill him but that means I'm getting further away from the others and wasting time. I've tried to ignore him or fire 2 proximity missiles then do a looping and go after the others but they seem equally far away. It seems Hassan jumps after 1 or 2 hits. Is this mission doable? It seems to me no matter what skill you are it depends on pure luck.
I don't think it matters if Hassan jumps out or not. After you take out all of the Kindred, he should email you to meet him on Hades.
I don't think it matters if Hassan jumps out or not. After you take out all of the Kindred, he should email you to meet him on Hades.
If/when he jumps out the enemy fighters go with him. Both mails tell me to meet him on Hades. Are you saying that it doesn't mattar plotwise and that I won't be missing any cutscenes no matter what?
Correct. You get the same cutscenes regardless if you succeed here or not.
Oh, ok. I was afraid that it would set me on a loosing path so I wouldn't be able to "win". Still it's weird. I played Privateer I, WC III , IV as well as Prophecy back in the day. I wasn't an ace but I could finish them without too much problem. This seems to be bad design. I mean when you get the message literally before you have an opportunity to do anything it's based on luck to a large extent.
Well I finished it and yes I got the "win" message. I only have one thing left . I wonder if might be bugged. It's Louissa Philipps. I save her and meet her at the bar. The guide says that she'll start to show up in the next three missions until her father takes her away and pays me. She never does however. I take missions and wait for her email but they never show up. I'm on the same disc as her video when playing.
I finished my own playthrough a few months ago and I never encountered this either. According to the guide, she is supposed "hang around the Surgeon's Blunder bar indefinitely" but I never see her again. I don't know if this is bugged or because the way the cinematic missions are triggered (i.e requiring the right CD in the drive) it is easy to miss and there's no way to get it back past a certain point.
I think idefinitely means until you talk to her. In my Diary the "Sounds Interesting..." Was still there even after I had done so. It went away only after the Shondi 2. mission which was the very last. I took it as a sign that she had shown up and somehow gotten killed without me noticing it, so I reloaded just before the conversation and saw her video again but still no luck.

I'm not sure it matters which CD is in for the trigger. I've gotten the same mission with both CD 1. and 2. in. Only when the video is to be shown am I asked to switch and in the GOG version, the game does it for you.